Thursday, January 7, 2010

Local Thoughts

It was a rough day for local Big East Teams. In fact it has been a rough Big east season thus far for all 3 since all are winless in league play, I for one feel besides last night Rutgers has shown improvement. Ditto St. Johns despite their league record. Seton Hall was projected to do better and maybe they will as soon as a few players step it up intensity wise. I still feel a few SHU players are playing for NBA draft placement status.

It seems like fans are all over all three programs. But if truth be told, I again say the problems are deeper than just the basketball players and coaches. The Presidents, AD's, Trustees, and others share some of the responsibilities in many cases. Call me dumb, but very few current college coaches would do any better at the local schools without more resources in more ways than I need to describe. If anyone thinks Jay Wright would do better, And I am a huge Jay Wright fan, they are mistaken. If anyone thinks Cal or Pitino would do better without more to offer, they also are mistaken. This is why when guys like those mentioned are hired they accept jobs with changes attached. New Arena, New Practice Facility, New Offices, More Money for Recruiting, Increase in budget to hire Assistants, and new support from influential Alumni and Boosters via a new or improved basketball friends club.

Realistically how well can these local teams do against power teams with so much to offer area recruits. basketball is a huge business and someone in this area has not received the memo. Did anyone think The area teams would be top 5 in the Big East? Yes West Virginia has leaped as has Cincinnati. But trust me when I say it was alot more than a coaching change that made this happen.

The schools in the area could jump to league contender by next season. But at what price? or does anyone care at what price? Maybe they all should do it by any means necessary. Maybe we need the coaching staff from "Blue Chip" to come and get it done? Yes it would have been great to get many of those great players who left the area to had stayed. They did not which means something at the other schools was more attractive. Could have been just getting away, Could have been the great fan support. Could have been the great on campus facilities. Or it could have been great deals beyond playing the game.

I have watched as kids have chosen more known basketball destinations where fans adore players as if they were God's. Funny thing is area players have always left for greener pastures. But there were so many good area players the locals always got their share. Tough area kids always made local teams competitive. Especially at St. Johns with the built in payment system through housing stipends etc. All the area teams received their share somehow. Louie making it happen. PJ finding a niche. Tom Young winning with recruited players brought in by a few very good salesmen if you understand recruitment sales.

This brings me back to today. I still believe all the local teams will make us proud very soon. Rutgers just announced a new RAC that will help, SHU has lost to some very good teams and not teams they were supposed to beat minus Temple, and St. Johns has done very good despite not having Anthony Mason Jr. And if you have not seen Ron Roberts the great and underrated talented forward from St. peters Prep in NJ, you are in for a great treat! WINNER!!! A warrior with skills who should have been stopped at the boarder of NJ when he went to sign with St. Johns.

So yes I am disappointed, but far from discouraged. I understand it is hard to watch when you love your team so much. But always understand it is not always what it should be and recruiting is not always about the campus visit and who is coaching.

Looking forward to the games on Sunday at Kean University to benefit The Homeless. Just found out Gilchrist will not be playing due to an injury. Hope he gets well soon. I have to smile because this will be my 5th time attending a game he was supposed to play in and he will not. But the cause is too great for me not to attend. I love basketball and I love being able to support such a great cause.

Still feeling chills from my visit to Teaneck HS last week. memories!!! Cannot believe the Englewood Team will not win Group 2 in NJ. But as I always say, you win championships in the gym and not on paper. maybe the Coach will allow his kids to work hard with a guy like the Legendary Mike Bright who now resides in Englewood. Guy has developed more good players than Kodak has developed pictures. Personally I am hoping to come out of workout retirement to work with the Younger Teaneck Players from the shoulders up.

Still searching for a decent game in Northeast Pa. Help! I will go to Blair Academy (8 miles from my home) Wednesday to see Blair against Peddie featuring Riley Moye, a very underated 6 ft 9 kid who I have watched for a few years.

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