Saturday, January 31, 2009

I LOVE IT!!!!!! Short Post

I love the fact many Rutgers Board readers continue to knock me. That means they are reading my little blog. As I always say, I am not anti Rutgers or Seton Hall. I am a true fan of College basketball and the excitement of each game. I am also a true HS basketball fan, especially North Jersey, and New York City. I will not apologize for that to them or anyone else. Maybe I am biased, but heck I am who I am.

As far as what winning sports teams accomplish in large markets and with large universities? Anyone that knows anything about admissions understand positive press and winning sports teams influence admissions applications. Of course schools need to have other things such as interesting academic majors, a nice and safe campus, middle states accreditation, award winning faculty, etc. But even with all that, studies have shown when schools win in football and basketball it impacts applications which could impact admissions. And for the record winning also impacts alumni giving.

I hope all the local teams have good games today. I will be back tomorrow. If folks think what I say does not mean anything to certain recruits and AAU programs they could be right. But they could be wrong as well based on the calls I get from both college coaches who read my blog (I am really stunned lol), local AAU types, HS Coaches in NJ, NY, and Pa. who read and comment to me when I see them ( I am talking about some of the real coaches out there) as well as call me, and Parents of players including a few who have kids being recruited by area colleges and universities. I have been around basketball a long time never making a cent but enjoying the ride helping kids ads watching them go off to D1, D2, D3, NAIA, and Junior Colleges. I have been blessed with meeting alot of people along the way who remain in touch with me. So though I might not know a certain person, I will know someone who does. Still remember the phone call from the Dad of a highly recruited Junior who wanted my opinion on a few things. Of course right there was an opportunity to hurt certain programs. I DID NOT and I will leave it at that. But I did get 3 calls from college coaches from 3 different schools asking what we had discussed lol.

Nice to see that as of this writing 454 views from Rutgers, and 591 from Seton Hall occurred on their message boards based on my last blog entry. And I am sure the RU board goes out of its way not to mention my blog unlike SHU which has a link. And those views of my blog is not counting many people who do not read either of those boards. And to those folks that do not read those boards I really think you are missing out on good information because both boards as well as other Rivals boards are very good as are, and

Lastly. Why keep putting FIGG down? FIG desaster? Are you kidding me? All 3 were at one time starters at RU! Desaster? Wow! 13 players on a college roster what role do the the other 10 players have? If FIG started or played significant minutes for 3 years what does it say about the other 10 guys? Blaming them for what is happening now is unbelievable. The FIG Desaster as if college basketball is a 3 or 3 tournament. Imagine the record the last few years without them. Grass always looks greener on the other side. Still remember Ollie Bailey as a freshmen star and how he was treated after he became a role player.

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Roy said...

About the FIGG stuff: Anthony has been a solid contributor. He hustles, works hard, and deserves to be team captain. JG, IMO, contributes little. I had hoped he'd be a player who did a little bit of everything. Hasn't happened, and too many times I watched him jog down court as the opposition scores off a turnover. As for JR, I think you're blind. My sense is that he's a great kid who's got a fine life in front of him--I bet he'd make a good teacher. And tht he's probably an impressive good player in work outs. But he does not (again, IMO)that fire it takes to compete at this level. Few of us do. But as a logn suffering RU fan, I'll say he is probably the most frustrating player I've ever watched--and I've seen a few. BTW--I think the long lost ZG would be making important contributions this year. I'd think we'd have won anotehr game or two.