Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Morning Thoughts

Great win by Rutgers on Saturday. I watched the game on TV and was quite impressed with a few things that many might have missed.

Lets start with Mike Rosario. Forget about the scoring, passing, etc, that is often associated with good players. What stood out to me is the fact this kid really wants his teammates to do well. He cheers them on without a hint of jealousy when others do well. He seems to always encourage his teammates and keeps a smile on his face. How can you not like this kid?

I was more impressed with Greg Enchinique more than in the past. He looked solid. But the guy that really stood out to me is Pettis. I hate the beard, especially on a college basketball player, but this kid might just be that small forward that will help RU now and in the future. This kid was smoooooooooooooooth to say the least. And he always seems under control.

Jeron Griffin played a good game as well. Good to see him bounce back from a long stay in the dog house. Great to see the RU Coaching staff have patience with this kid at a time when many were calling for his head when he did not go into a game a while back. In this his senior year, it was a great thing that FHJ stuck with him and Jeron responded when his number was called and everyone is cheering until the next game when he shoots a few bricks lol.

I also will say the RU team seemed really prepared for this game and played it as if they really enjoyed playing. Something that has not seemed to be the norm in the past. Though Depaul looked like the worst BE team since the last South Florida team I saw, any win is a good win.

Well the SJU and SHU game is here and it is a huge game for both programs since NYC recruiting will be impacted and both depend heavily on the Metropolitan area for assistance.

Kashif Pratt seems to have left Iona College and has enrolled at John Jay College of CUNY, a D3 program in Manhattan according to a local coach I spoke with. Not sure he will play there, or if he is just taking some courses before heading off to a larger school in September. Remember he can transfer down to a D2 or NAIA school and play right away if he is eligible. But maybe it is now about academics and getting a degree more than playing basketball. Maybe he is tired and burned out. After all, he like most NYC kids who excel at basketball, start playing at a very early age. He just might be burned out and tired of the sport and what it takes to compete.


SPK145 said...

How does Pettis lead Rutgers to a win against DePaul yet he can't even get off the pine for any time against Seton Hall??

Universal health care???

LFBall said...

Yes we need a better health plan in this country for everyone! Just had to say that lol. But it is true.

Pettis looked smooth and good. But can he keep it up? With RU you never know who will do what. Next game a walk-on will get 15 and 7 lol.