Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Hope everyone has a healthy and prosperous year. Now just a few basketball items.

Seems folks are very ready for Norm Roberts to step down at St. Johns. I wonder who those folks think they can get at this time? I do hope they realize that St. Johns is not the glamour job it was when Lou Carnessecca was the Head Coach. St. Johns did a great thing updating the facilities. Now it needs to have a little more patience with the basketball program. Nothing wrong with getting upset after a loss. But people need to do a real program assessment to see how long it will be for the St. Johns Program to regain semi elite status locally and nationally. I honestly feel the downfall was letting Fran go when they did. He had SJU on the right track. Crazy as it might seem, he might be a great choice to get them rolling again if they are decide to let Norm go after this season. Again I hope they realize that what made SJU so good in the past was the longevity of the coaching staff and the many relationships they developed with area HS and AAU coaches. These quick in and out stints continue to put SJU further behind.

This brings me to Fred Hill Junior and Bobby Gonzalez. I always say how I feel and that is positive and negative depending on the issue. But one thing for sure, both these guys need contract extensions to continue the building process. They are the best for the jobs they have. Remember change is not always a positive thing. The person with the greatest challenge will be the new AD at Rutgers. He or She has alot to do basketball wise in regards to facilities and support.

Hey it is a new year. I read on the RU board that a poster said he is tired of reading my defense of JR Inman. As much as I understand his passion for RU Hoops, I need to again inform him he does not need to read this blog. I get zero compensation. Just an outlet for me to talk ball the way I WANT TO. Now I do hope folks will read what I have to say, but please do not force your self because I will continue to speak my mind.

On that note let me say how I feel about folks continuing to say Greg E will be on the All BE Freshmen Team. Let me just say the names Ollie Bailey, JR Inman, and Corey Chandler. They all showed the same promise. I again say he will be a nice BE player at Rutgers. But at this time I watch things like the running of the court, hunger for the ball, and desire to get to the rim. These are things that have held JR back as well as a real lack of confidence based on treatment from his coaches. In Greg's case he is a huge body but needs alot of work despite what folks are seeing based on HOPE! Watch him run the court using those baby steps, etc.

Seton Hall has a number of BE players on the roster. Why is it every time a fan gets upset they claim there are not any BE players or very few on the roster. Please! Coming out of HS the least recruited of all those SHU kids was Paul Gause. He was even thinking about playing football in college despite averaging around 30 a game in HS.

The name of the game is DEVELOPMENT. Something many schools do well. If a kid has desire, and wants to be in the gym, it is up to the coaching staff to assist him in his development. I do agree that JR Inman looks nothing like I thought he would as a senior at this point. Neither does Corey Chandler as a sophmore, and I do not even need to talk about what happened to Ollie Bailey. I still remember FHJ telling me Ollie Bailey was the hardest working kid he had ever been around after one of the kids at Villanova he worked with (Maybe Foye). What happened to these kids?

On the SHU side Mike Davis is showing very little improvement. I can say the same thing about Garcia, and Harvey. I honestly thought Harvey would be 1st team all BE this season. I still remember that old question folks had when comparing Harvey to Anthony Farmer. Who would they choose? The majority said Harvey. Wonder what those results would be now?

Still thinking about Monmouth University and the great program they will be with the new facility and large fan support. I honestly think they need to be in CAA or A10. Seems like a wonderful place to attend college. Hey Monmouth, I told you guys about Maurice Williams years ago from Teaneck HS. You need to go and check out Javae Gilcrest. Trust me on this one!

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