Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday Morning

There are great fans and there are great fans who understand what they are talking about. Nothing really wrong with just being a great fan. And most of the plain great fans love the team they cheer for. I applaud them. However many of the great fans who live and die by their teams performance lose sight of the effort these teams make on a daily basis. Thus comes some outright ignorant comments and I will leave it at that!

So Inman lost the Pitt game for Rutgers. Funny I remember when he was accused of not playing hard and definitely not playing defense and competing. What I have seen lately is a kid playing very hard, Competing and showing emotion despite getting half the shots he got in past seasons. I see a kid cheering his teammates on despite how he might feel inside. He has never had a sour face because he has always been a team first guy. He misses some shots at the end of a game despite getting 8 rebounds and 7 points while the two big starters get a combined 4 points. Yet none of the plain great fans says a thing. No one says how backward other players look even by the way they run the court and have shots blocked, etc. It's about Inman because he is a convenient whipping boy for many. What I see is a kid on the court tired and with a shortage of breath based on asthma, not being in playing shape from playing time issues in the non league portion of the RU schedule. Good thing certain recruits will not choose college based on message board folks..........ARE WILL THEY!

Seton Hall Coach Bobby Gonzalez lost the game against Syracuse from the hotel room? Wow now I have seen everything! Maybe Syracuse just caught SHU right. maybe it was very cold in Syracuse that day and the Pirates did not fully adjust to the temperature prior to the game. Please do not laugh because I know a few college teams that go into Syracuse 2 days before the game for this same exact purpose. It's not Buffalo, but it can be a tad colder and different than the NY metro area. SHU lost because the other team is better at this time. Period! No one will even remember the final score in a month.

So Norm Roberts all by himself has made SJU a BE doormat? Really! It would take anyone years to clean up what had happened in previous years. And as nice as he is, lets not leave Brian Mahoney off the blame team. He was a big contributor to the SJU downfall yet he remains a hero at SJU as a native son who was part of the Louie era. . Only one deserving of a pass is LOU Carnessecca......PERIOD! Even a staff of John Wooden, Dean Smith, and Bob Hurley would require 2 more years to right that ship. Just my opinion.

Weekend games are here. Please remember that games are won over a 40 minute period and rarely on a last shot or last possession. Coaching 101 for the soccer Dads out there. And for those guys who never played or coached or even managed their HS teams, please try not to be so hard on kids despite what you think you picked up in the town rec or your over 50 league.

My opinions on the local Big 3? They all have improved and the future is bright. This is despite how they looked in past few games. Remember there is no cheating going on locally like at some other places. So recruiting of the real studs can be difficult.

Will the SHU AD apply and politic for the RU position? Wondering minds would love to know. Based on his reception at SHU would anyone be surprised if he went to another school? But my guess is he will be at SHU for a while. Lastly, there is always more sides to a story than what meets the eye. He might not be as bad as folks make him out to be. I said Might Not! Ditto Bobby Gonzalez! I know Bobby is a good guy based on my experience with him. Misunderstood? Yes! Bad guy? NO! Hungry for success? Yes! At all costs? YES!

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