Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Need To Apologize

I really need to apologize about my last blog entry. Folks are 100% correct in giving me grief about what I wrote. I deserve the negative and even comical remarks.
In fact I laughed for a good 5 minutes after reading what one person said about me regarding being interesting one day and on another day writing stuff like I am drunk from drinking alcohol. That was a good one and I can laugh at my self.

I honestly think all that I wrote was somewhat confusing and I should know better. I guess it was a combination of telling it like it is, and also trying not to be to hard on a person when he is down after losing 3 in a 4 in a row. Funny thing is why am I so concerned? I would bet Fred Hill, Jim Carr, and Dennis Gregory would throw darts at my face if they it on a dart board. Trust me they were friends years ago but now they most likely would not even speak to me lol. I am far from important to them. Just a pest at times.

Lets look at Bobby G. Think he liked me saying what I did after he talked so bad about Walters in regard to his playing level? I doubt it. But I do think Gonzo would still have good conversation for me if he saw me out. I KNOW DERMON would because we go too far back for him not to lol.

But let me further explain my contradictory comments. Everyone knows Fred Hill Jr. is a GREAT Teacher. Trust me on this. Not sure about how that ability works with big folks. But he is known to work guards out well and develop them. I stand by what I said about the development issues because it really was about the big guys more than the guards, although they have a way to go as well. Also please remember development is mental as well as physical. And mental development and mental toughness is very important in regards to developing talent. Thus the decline of Ollie Bailey, JR Inman, The Big Fella, and maybe Greg Echenique in the future. It is not just about basketball skills and ability as you can see from what has happened to JR Inman, who remains a very talented player.

Also to that wonderful person who says everything I say is nice. I urge you to go back and read my blog again. I am sure you might just find some interesting info, and even some posts that could be taken as negative. In fact a few friends from Queens called me and asked why I am so negative about Norm Roberts, which I am far from being.

Anyway time to watch some college basketball. Again I remind the mid majors that Javae Gilcrest is available and one D1 Assistant who saw him this week feels he could be too good for his school by the end of the season. Fortunately the kids Mom wants him at a mid major school. More tomorrow.

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