Thursday, January 1, 2009

Part 2 For The New Year

I hate when folks try to put me down because I disagree with them or do not kiss up to their coaching hero's. However, I have learned to deal with it. For every SPK, Halldan, NJ4life, Harlemfinest, Jelly, Merge, Greenricefig, RUHoopsguy, Piratesal, Fordham, Jshuttlesworth etc., there are those who refuse to look closely at what others say and continually make stuff up concerning information and basketball posts. That's why I always look for the posts from those I mentioned even though they often disagree with what I say. At least they do not attempt to put words in others mouths.

When folks say they do not put much into what I say, I again remind them that's a right we all have. Maybe I should just copy and paste stuff and I would have more credibility lol. There are some things I can say and things I can not. But one thing I will always have is AN OPINNION!

Terrence Roderick would be tremendous at SHU if they took him even after junior college. Javae Gilcrest should not be looking at BE programs. He would be terrific at Delaware, Monmouth, etc. Enough about Kraidon Woods. I wanted him to attend St. Joe's in Philly. Wish he would transfer now. I never ever said he would be great for Rutgers or Villanova. Rutgers coaches saw him and recruited him.He needs to be in the A10, or Colonial. Even a school like Monmouth. Shayle Keating? Just said he could have played more minutes. He was the only REAL PG RU had at the time I said this. He passed the ball! Never said he was a star who could play in the NBA. Just thought he could have gotten more run. It later became a joke for me and I would just said it on occasion and he and I got a huge chuckle from it. So please do not get it twisted about what I say. I have been around this game a long time. Made some mistakes, and also found time to help some folks. I also watched many of the new Head Coaches including Gonzo, FHJ, and Norm when they got there start as Assistants.

Lastly, if I told you the inside stuff I hear, most of it made up I am sure, you would be stunned. I just say the things I hear from folks I know who tend to have good info. Like Torrel Harris a Dad, local AAU guys, HS Coaches. Trust me I get stuff others wish they could get.

So feel welcome to read my blog. If you wish not to, that's your right and I wish you well anyway. But I will say what I wish on MY BLOG. Again that's why it is called LFBALLONHOOPS.

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