Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Morning Thoughts

No need to discuss this weekends games. Everyone understands what happened.

Well maybe I need to say a bit about the huge St. Johns win. This was the type of SJU effort I remember from years ago. Tough kids getting it done! I honestly think this SJU team has more talent than folks realize. I will not be surprised if they get to the NIT if they get healthy soon. I do know they can compete with RU, SHU, SF, and Providence.

Saw Boston College beat North Carolina. Very refreshing to see a team without a McDonald's AA guy play so well. But Al understands it is not about rankings and awards. It is about heart, desire, and talent for his program. Guy went and got players from Colorado, Virginia, and RI who can play. I would bet Tyrese Rice was not even recruited by Virginia Tech, Virginia, and the NC schools. That did not stop Al. same for Reggie Jackson. The Big 12 schools must have really slept this kid as well. But again Al knew what he wanted and what he was getting. Those of us who follow North Jersey HS basketball saw what he did with John Oats. All John did was go to BC and be a huge part of a winning program!

Heard that the HS games at Teaneck HS in New Jersey were outstanding. Most people I spoke with felt St. Peters was the true Program of the future. I think the coach is Mike Kelly who did a great job in North Jersey on the HS level prior to his stint in Jersey City. I also heard that St. Anthony's really need the transfers to gain eligibility very soon to be competitive.

Coaches were in attendance. I heard that Pitt was in the building all day as was FDU and others. I heard from a coaching buddy that Rutgers did have a coach in the building early. But by all accounts this event was even better than advertised.

I also understand Javae Gilcrest looked very good, although the opposing team was very weak. One D1 coach felt he was a definite D1 player, but not sure he was a true PG. But from what I have seen, he is very much a PG. In fact a friend in attendance told me if guys did not drop his passes he would have had 12 assists. But at least I have the D1 tag right.

The one negative among all the positive stuff was the lack of game programs with rosters so that fans would know who is who. Most adults who attend these functions fall into the following categories: Parent, relatives, AAU types, Friends of family, Coaches, and SERIOUS HS FANS who really follows the HS game. So despite this being a tremendous event, rosters next time would make it OUTSTANDING! I wait for my call from Jim on this LOL. But everyone knows I am a Jimmy fan so this is just constructive.

I really look forward to attending the next huge HS event in NJ scheduled for January 24th, 2009 at the Prudential Center in Newark. Great games in the place that SHU play their home games. Should be a great event!!!!

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