Thursday, January 8, 2009

Some Quick Thoughts and Observations

Just a few quick college basketball thoughts and observations

Received a surprise phone call from Tiki Mayben last night. Seems he surfs the web and saw the post I did on him and his teammates. Talk about a classy young man! We spoke for close to 20 minutes and he told me how thankful he was to read such a positive and truthful piece. This young man has Class with a capital C! It was such a pleasure speaking to this very humble true student athlete who understands the importance of getting a great education. Good luck to Tiki and Binghamton University tonight as they take on Vermont. I wish I could attend what should be a great and exciting game in that great basketball arena they have on campus.

Seems some folks still are accepting moral victories at local BE schools. That is so funny how one coach can beat a ranked team and its a fluke and the fans still want him out and other coaches can lose to ranked teams and its all good because they are AGAIN close to winning lol.

How in heavens name can any college basketball team or any team on any level win a game without a guard named Michael Jordan, Koby, or LeBron, with the guards taking 49shots and the forwards and centers taking 14 shots? Are you kidding me? No I was not at a game but sometimes the stats tell it all. What is this the Rucker? The Entertainers League? Are the bigs really that bad? oops I forgot, They played well!

How do big guys on the HS level being recruited by schools view those type of stats? Do they honestly feel they will get more touches leading to shots? Trust me the big kid being recruited by NJIT thinks he has a shot at the NBA and is looking to get shots. Just my ONE GAME OPINNION.

Speaking of NJIT it seems they might again have a perfect losing record. But one thing for sure those players will not be losers in life. Those kids are getting A GREAT EDUCATION. They will be future leaders in business and industry. Plus no one will even remember the record when they are CEO's and Engineers, etc. Plus by that time they will either be better or back playing D2 or D3. I if I was a young man thinking about the future, and not a HS stud, NJIT would be on my list!

Heard some interesting things about Jarid Famous recruiting the other day. Not getting into it here because I really have to watch my sources because it seems more folks than I realize read this blog. But my message to young Mr. Famous. Please go where you are loved and will play. Think future as opposed to present. Understand what is right and what is wrong. Live your own dream and not allow others to work magic through you. I eagerly watch what will happen in the next few weeks.

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