Friday, January 16, 2009

Saturday Post

This just added. So now Jerrid Famous has an interest in New Mexico State according to Zags Blog which also says he is leaning to SHU. I love the reasons he mentions for this including “He likes them a lot, a great deal. It’s close to home.” Very interesting reasons! Folks will realize sooner or later this recruitment thing is often more enjoyable for Parents, Advisors, Coaches and Guardians than it is for players. Jerrid Famous is enjoying the attention and it seems if a new school called today they could go on his list. I can see it now if NC State, Miami, Fla State, etc. call to get involved. From what I have seen he would be somewhat interested.

Now I am a fan of his and my friends tell me he is skilled and athletic. But he needs good advisement ASAP to get his recruitment under control. I continue to be shocked when kids from the Tri State area with OPTIONS choose schools like New Mexico State. Why? Is it some type of great place to go? Last 3 players from this area there were Charlie Chris and Jim Bostic, both from the Yonkers NY Area, and Elijah Ingram who transferred there from St. Johns. Come on Jarid get this thing under control. Again I say look at the big picture and gain a better understanding of your future.

I have heard from quite a few folks in the past few days. Seems there are a number of HS players who enjoy reading what I have to say. Also I have heard that a few HS Coaches check this blog out every now and than.

One coach I hope reads this blog is Curtis March, Head Coach of Teaneck NJ HS. Curtis is a wonderful man and a very good if not great HS basketball Coach. Too bad I was such a horrible parent when my son played for him years ago. But reflecting on Teaneck at that time, a time when most kids attended HS in the towns where they resided, HS basketball was so special in the tri-state area. At Teaneck Curtis March had a program and not a team. You see a program is more than a team because there is more put into the basketball team than 3 PM to 5 PM practices and 3 PM games.

At Teaneck kids dreamed of being Highwaymen because of the tradition started years earlier, and the pride installed by Curtis March with the dress code, study hall, summer games in NJ and NYC, and the fact that 75 percent of the players went on to play D1, D2, D3, or JC basketball. From my sons team 6 kids went on to play D1 basketball with one eventually making the NBA and playing in last years all-star game.

Well Curtis is rumored to be retiring after this season. Not sure if this will really happen. But whether he does or does not I need to thank him for all the great things he did at Teaneck for my son and all the other sons despite a few stupid parents including me giving him such a hard time on occasion. He did so much and made such a difference.

Speaking of Teaneck I again have to say this team has a few kids who can really play the game. Not much height, but plenty of talent. Just imagine if the kids from Teaneck that attend the Catholic High Schools had chosen to attend Teaneck High School. Talk about a power! But despite all of this Teaneck will always be good based on the many kids coming out of the towns youth basketball league. And again I urge all coaches to check out the talent at Teaneck including Javae Gilcrist, a player who two D1 coaches feel has exceptional point guard ability and a huge upside. Even Pittsburgh from what I understand has been in to see him play a few times. But according to his Mom Tracy, she does not want him to get lost on a huge campus. Come on Monmouth, Delaware, Manhattan, Iona, FDU, Hofstra, Rhode Island, Temple, Binghamton, Albany, Siena, and Marist, this kid is interested in your type of school. In a few years he could be a huge steal for you as he leads your team. And you might just like one of his teammates as well.

Going to Binghamton on Saturday to watch them play Boston U. Going really to see if it is a place a certain kid should consider transferring to. My first visit there left me extremely impressed with everything they have to offer. Just wish they would also take my man 6 ft 9 Riley Maye from Stroudsburg Pa. who likes them very much. And honestly Riley is 75% BETTER than he was 2 months ago. He really will be a special player for a mid major D1 program. His future is very bright!

Looking forward to watching St. Anthony's with the 3 new players on Monday. Talk about 3 good games, and all on TV. The question is can St. Anthony's beat St. Patrick's in the NJ States? Now that will be a game, and when it happens in the NJ States I hope the powers to be hold that game at a place like Rutgers to accommodate the many fans who will be interested.

Speaking of St. Patrick's. I still feel Kevin Boyle is one heck of a coach. I even think he is underrated because he will always be in future Hall of Famer Bob Hurleys shadow in NJ. But all this guy does is win and develop players who go on and star on the next level.

6 area HS coaches who could be D1 head guys straight from HS are Bob Hurley, Kevin Boyle, My Grandson Logan's (Dr. says he will be 6 ft 10) future coach Danny Hurley, Bob Camino from Mt. Vernon, Johnny Mathis from Kennedy NY HS, and Maurice Hicks from Rice HS in NYC. It is not just because they win, it is because they understand how to run a program with discipline and direction.

Speaking of my Grandson Logan, he is some dancer at a young age. It would be something if he became a 6 ft 10 dancer LOL. I would still love him and be at all the recitals encouraging him. But I hope he grows to enjoy sports, especially basketball.

Good luck to all area teams this weekend.

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