Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wow what an event!!!!

In my last post I complained about local HS basketball events being watered down. How wrong I realized I was after checking out the Big Apple Basketball Classic schedule on NYCNJ Hoops. All I can say is $10 is not enough based on what will take place each day.

Saturday at Baruch College in Manhattan

St. Peters from SI against Cardoza from Queens.
This would normally be the last game in a typical area showcase. Heck Ron Neclerio alone is worth the price of admission. Both teams have potential D1 players and are well coached

LI Lutheran vs Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson is the new power in NYC coached by ex NYC HS Stars. They are similar to the old Alexander Hamilton teams coached by Ray Haskins in their approach to the game. Lutheran has players including Tobias Harris who is on everyone's recruiting list. Great game!

Pine Crest (Fla) vs Rice
Are you kidding me? Great game and how did they get Pine Crest here? Brandon Knight is a heck of a player who gets numbers and makes folks around him better. No need to discuss Rice because we know what they have and are about.

Jamesville-Dewitt vs Lincoln.

This game will be better than folks realize. Again a huge thing getting Jamestown-Dewitt down to NYC. With Brandon Triche you will see a very underrated and very good basketball player who will play for Syracuse. Lincoln? See Rice comments and add Lance Stephenson and a great coach in Tiny Morton.

Monday at Hunter College in Manhattan

Greenport vs Malloy
Not sure about this game but Jason Curry went to Malloy and continues to respect Jack Curren the legendary Coach.But both teams have players who recently scored over 40 points in a game.

Pine Crest vs Bishop Loughlin
Pine Crest for two games is a great thing. Loughlin has talent, and more talent just as Rice does. Should be a great game.

LI Lutheran vs Rice
Again a great match-up with at least 8 D1 players on the court at the same time.

St. Thomas Moore vs Blair

Prep School basketball at its best. Rutgers fans need to come out to see their future as Blair hits the court. St. Thomas has the legendary Jeri Quinn at the helm and a ton of future D1 players.

Now this is a great event! All the games have the potential to be competitive and the organizers need to be commended for putting a TRUE HS Showcase together. By the way Big Apple Basketball is headed by Jason Curry who attended Malloy HS and graduated from Hillcrest. Jason also graduated from St. Michael's College in Vermont. I still remember getting a call from the St. Michael's Coach at the time who was an ex Rutgers Assistant to Craig Littlepage asking me my thoughts on him. Glad it worked out for Jason whose dad works with me on various music projects. Jason is assisted by a lot of ex NYC and area college stars including Jamal Phillips the ex Grady Vocational and Rutgers standout, Andrew Kolbasovsky the ex Malloy and Rutgers standout, Shandue McNeil the ex Malloy and St. Bonaventure standout, Tarik Turner the ex Oak Hill and St. Johns Standout, and the legendary Stan King who everyone loves and respects. They do so much and they do it well. This event has gotten better and better each year. Good to see young guys giving back to the HS basketball athletes.

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