Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Things Are Heating Up!

Seton Hall Wins, Seton Hall Wins!

Honestly I am not that excited over this win as many others because I really expected them to win at home against Georgetown as well as a few other games they under performed in and lost. So the celebration in my mind will not take place for such a win. After all Seton Hall is not a Big east version of NJIT.

Talking about Seton Hall folks can say what they want but to me it seems the right buttons are being pushed to make them a very attractive program to fans and recruits. As a person who regularly checks the attendance figures in box scores, it seems like SHU always gets close to 6500-7000 fans per game. With the curtain down in the Prodential Center, capacity is around 10,000. So the place looks more full than empty. I am sure with a reported sell out against Georgetown, alot of recruits were very impressed.

Sometimes we fail to fully understand that top 100 type players in HS want to play in front of fans. It's one of the reasons many choose the more known schools. They like that big fan base atmosphere. The Prudential center seems to be providing that type of atmosphere unlike what was felt playing at Continental Airlines Arena during the past few seasons. When SHU had it going on, CAA was averaging close to 15,000 for the better games. I still remember being at a Georgetown game and the place was rocking. In fact I sat right behind the GT bench and the crowd was all over the Hoya's.

Rutgers vs SHU at The Rock!

This will be a very good game to watch regardless of team records. In fact the records do not even count because this has developed into a true rivalry with two very competitive coaches going at each other with stare downs and more giving fans something to look at besides the actual game. Will they shake hands? Will they argue? Will Gonzo hug Inman and whisper how Fred has mishandled him? Will one of the RU Assistants bump Gonzo on purpose (we know who lol)? Will Bob M show up and who will he cheer for? What recruits will be at the game and who will they cheer for?

If anything there should be a press conference prior to the battle of NJ and FHJ and BG should stage a fight. The ticket sales would be so high they would need to take the curtain down for the additional people coming to the game.

Despite the win/loss situations with both teams. This game is about recruiting NJ and NY just as the RU vs SJU game was. The winner gets bragging rights and a star in the eyes of kids considering both programs. If the Pru is sold out and it is rocking, watch the interest of some kids increase!

Speaking of SHU again. When I look at Roderick Rhodes on the SHU bench I think back to his HS career when he and Jason Kidd were great friends. I fast forward and now I watch Lance Stephenson at Lincoln HS in Brooklyn. Boy does he remind me of Roderick Rhodes when he was a HS Star. Lance should look at players like Rhodes and Pearl Washington as reminders that even the most celebrated HS Stars need to continue to work hard and have a good attitude. But honestly the times I have seen Lance play, he always seemed under control and played hard.

Cheating In College Basketball

This is a serious issue that gets worst and worst. I again am stunned at the various stories I am getting from very reliable people. Put it this way, I have been mire naive than many others based on stuff I have said about certain programs. I guess it takes alot to fill those huge arenas. But the money being passed around by boosters is ridiculous. And even a few stars who seem to not fit the profile of receiving now and in the past might have benefited. Again, I have been soooooo naive!

St. Johns

Norm Roberts seems to be earning at least another year at St. Johns. I honestly believe if Lance Stephenson selects St. Johns, they could return to the days of yesteryear with the players coming in joining the current talented players. I am really pulling for one of the true good guys!


I again say to all those who feel they have certain kids locked up to attend good ole university to be aware. Some folks are just playing with coaching staffs, fans, and supporters to enjoy the moment, and maybe to just cash in. They are being very opportunistic to put it lightly.

JR Inman

I continue to believe in JR. I also think he has to share the responsibility of how his senior year has played out. Only thing I wish was the coaches would have explained what his role would be this season after leading the team in scoring in the past. I wonder if he would have been better off at a place where he could have played a bigger role. I am sure there were places that would have loved to have him. In fact I read on the various message boards that many fans still think he should be starting. Looking at his face, I have to agree with many others including some D1 and NBA guys past and present, that he is mentally exhausted with no confidence and scared to make a mistake. From accolades to being labeled not a BE player. Sad!

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