Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A few thoughts before the New Year.

Seton Hall loses a game by a wide margin. Totally unacceptable regardless of how shorthanded they were. I do have to say I did not see the game but the box score tells the story.

I have always frowned on players just looking to stay on the court to boast stats, etc. In no way should any of Seton Hall's Guards had finished that blow out game with less than 4 fouls. Heck they all should have fouled out from clawing at everything in an attempt to get back into the game. For Harvey and Hazell to have less than 4 fouls, and Theodore to have 1, in a blow out game sends a message in my opinion. Says to me they were just on the court after a certain point attempting to score points or just play the game. Maybe I am wrong about this but NO ONE ON SHU SHOULD END A GAME LIKE THIS WITHOUT 4 FOULS AT LEAST! You should play hard until the final whistle blows. Guys playing safe defense in a game where they are down 30 is crazy!

Enough of this. SHU needs to pull it together and fast. Maybe Gonzo was greatly missed. But I think preparation plays a huge part in games such as these. Well lets see what happens next!

I Was thinking about a few guys around the area who continue to fly under the college coaching radar. Today I need to shout out Ron Neclerio of Cardoza HS in Queens NY.

We all see Ron running around 100 miles an hour coaching his team and promoting his players. Many think he is over the top with his actions. But honestly he is doing exactly what a REAL COACH should do. He pushes his players on the court and loves them off the court to the point he will do anything in his power to get his players into a good college and will talk about his players until he is blue in the face in an attempt to get them recognition and a scholarship. He has done it so well we cannot even keep track of the kids he has assisted. Its that many!

Coaching wise he remains one of the best HS Coaches in the entire tri-state area. He also is not scared to hire assistants with skills and personality. He welcomes excellence and proves it by hiring Robert Holford, ex Assistant at Providence, Hofstra, FDU, and Head Coach at NY Tech, St. Thomas Aquinas, Medgar Evers, and Hostos CC where he was National Junior College Coach of The Year. Ron did not even blink about hiring Robert.

Training and working out players? Ron Neclerio could be the best around. He along with Sandy P (sp) of Essex County NJ are guys who are considered two of the best along with the guy who does workouts in the Suffolk County area on Long Island.

This brings me to Why Ron is not on the college level. For a brief period I thought Ron needed just a bit of polish to step into the college ranks. How wrong I was. This guy is the needed ingredient for a program like St. Johns. I would be willing to bet he would have every single great HS player in the tri-state area considering a BE school he is associated with. It would be such an easy bet for me because I see how kids from all over are attracted to him. He is like a pied piper lol. Work wise he lives and sleeps basketball 24 hours a day.

I say have him put on a suit next year and put him on the sideline of an area BE or A10 team. Anything lower would be a waste of talent if you ask me.

My New Years Wish List

An Improved economy

Universal Health Care

Employment creation

All Area Schools end the season with a winning record

Bobby Holford, Ray Haskins, Ron Brown, and Julius Allen get recognized for the great skills they bring to the table on the college level.

FDU gets a marketing person in place in the near future to help improve crowds

St. Peters turns it around

NJIT wins a game or two or three

Rider gets its new gym

JR Inman has a great BE season at Rutgers

Mike Davis and Brandon Walters play better at SHU

Norm Roberts gets to a post season at St. Johns.

Norm Roberts gets a real contract extension

Fordham turns it around and gets better in A10

Teaneck HS wins the Group 3 North Championship

Jay Sofman and Javae Gilcrst get scholarships to D2 and D1 schools respectfully

Delaware gets to CAA Championship game

Bobby Gonzalez gets along with the SHU AD

Fred Hill and Bobby G hug after the next RU vs SHU game and the picture goes on the Star Ledgar sports front page.

St. Antony's plays a game against St. Benedict's in Boys Basketball

The Tournament of Champions in NJ changes format to bring in two extra teams eliminated in state tournaments, eliminating the two byes awarded higher seeded teams.

A Tournament of Champions field of St, Anthony's, St. Patrick's, St. Benedicts included with the winners of the various group tournaments.

A return of the old Doc Turner HS Classic at City College of NY bringing in teams from NJ, NY, Pa., Conn., Maryland, etc.

A new RU Arena and practice facility, or at least an improved RAC.

Selling My Home in Pa. for a good price (Just in case someone might be looking lol)