Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Seton Hall University

I am surprised to say the least at the performance given by SHU last night in Newark New Jersey. Though I knew the game would be a difficult one, I never expected SHU to be blown all the way to Brooklyn. Marquette, though a good team, is no where close to being a 20 plus point better team than SHU.

These are the type of games, especially at home, that SHU needs to win on a consistent basis to be a regular member of the post season club. I mentioned a while back that certain games are must wins and others should also be closely contested. This game was one of the games I felt SHU would win.

Why the Loss?

Not blaming the coaches on this one. I honestly felt the players did not prepare for this game. It looked like they had spent the previous evening on campus at a party if you know what I mean. The players had zero energy and seemed to have given up early in the 2nd half. The effort was non existent and SHU was beaten to most of the lose balls. At one point I forgot that Harvey was on the court. Nutter was not his usual self. The bigs did not provide needed presence. Just a bad performance.

Nutter Foul

Looked fragrant to me


I know the weather was bad but WOW!!!!!!!!! That was a horrible TV look. Looked like it was a blizzard outside with 30 inches of snow. I mean where were the Fans?

Tom Crean (I hope the spelling is right lol)

Is it me or is he one of the most annoying coaches in the Big east. He walks the sidelines like he is working out. Where did he get that? The guy never sits still. I understand the involvement but please!

Mike Davis

I think he will be a special player once he re-learns the game. At this time he has very little knowledge of how to use his skills and abilities. I was amazed at how he received fouls. I mean he looked like he could foul standing still. Kind of reminded me of the famous Comic who in his routine says how hard it would be for his ex friends to play hockey professionally. Said his friends would be skating just gliding as they looked for people to hit and hurt. Well to get 5 fouls in limited minutes is close to impossible unless you really have no understanding how to stay on the court. Kind of funny to me. But again he will make you folks forget this in due time.


darrenmaloney said...

did your son play at teaneck and then delaware via michigan?

LFBall said...

Not Michigan!!! Why do you ask?