Friday, February 15, 2008

St. Johns and More!!!!!

Interesting how fans on different message boards take on the personalities of strong posters. On, most want change in the program but are not looking at anyone other than the current coaches, President, and AD. At BE Boards they seem to have a serious problem with Ron Rutledge, an ex Assistant. Coach who now works in Alumni Relations. has ben around for a long time and I have always found it interesting although frustrating because they keep it closed for some reason. But they seem to be very level headed about the Norm Roberts situation and bone headed about allowing others to join the site. Go figure lol!!!

BE Boards on the other hand is really giving way too much credit to a person who could not possibly have done the damage they say. Ron Rutledge has assisted in ruining the SJU Program? He has the ear of the President? He called Paul Hewitt? He stopped Calipari from getting the SJU job? He is a cancer to the program? Send him to Staten Island? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I never knew Ron was so powerful. Those are some of the comments about him on BE boards.

I happen to know both Ron and Paul Hewitt. Both have always been safe Black guys if you know what I mean. They will never cause waves and in Paul's case he is very opportunistic to say the least. In fact Paul would have changed his staff at SJU after the first year just as he demoted an Assistant. at Tech from on the road to almost behind the bench. He also seems very much about himself more than anyone else. Just my opinion and an opinion that is recent because I ALWAYS ADMIRED Paul until recently. I know one local BE Assistant. will cut and paste this and send to Paul after the season because he is a weasel like that. I am sure Paul really cares about what I write or say lololol.

But I still have to say Paul is a gentleman and a fine coach. Great coach as I thought he was at Siena? Not sure! But at SJU he would do a great job because he understands how large programs work. He understands how to get the blue chippers and keep players home. Rutledge is also a good person and a gentleman. I think he remains a favorite from NYC to New jersey because of how he conducted himself as a longtime assistant. to Louie C. I for one am so shocked that he is being attacked like he is. But I am nowhere as knowledgeable about these things as some of the SJU posters. Many, like Maven, have all the information and more. I always search for Maven's comments because he is one person that has more real information than anyone else reading message boards. This guy is extremely connected to the local basketball scene, but lately very angry over his beloved Red Storm. But to attack Rutledge like that is odd, especially for such sophisticated fans who could be as good as any in the area. To know Ron Rutledge is to love him. He will always be special to most people involved in basketball.


Again I say this Ebanks thing is exciting for a few teams. RU will be right there if he re-opens his recruitment. Both his Mom and Dad liked Rutgers alot and with Craig Carter there, and Patrick Jackson, Morris, and Rosario on the way, it means alot!! This kid can see that if he attends RU he will be the best player from day 1 and look like a true hero leading RU to the NCAA tournament in his 1st year. he could be the 2009 version of Michael Beasly while making Mom happy by staying close to home. And if this happens it also helps SHU and SJU because it will say it's fine for the super players to stay home for college and succeed.

AAU Programs and Money

Those who feel AAU programs are making money off signings are way off base. Especially NYC, Pa.,and NJ based AAU teams. Be aware of the local areas I have mentioned. I said NYC, PA., NJ,!!!There are some that I hear do make deals, but they are not in the areas I mentioned. Powerful AAU guys do receive sneakers, gear, and money for programs from sneaker companies, and program alumni. In Ebanks case his AAU program, The Metro hawks really does not need to make that type of money. It is mostly ego for guys like Ernie Loich. He would never sell a player to a college or university. Heck he does not even steer kids to schools although he was a SJU season ticket holder years ago. As a University of Virginia graduate he does not even push kids there. So Ebanks would be very interested in RU if he decides ( or Indiana decides)he wants out of his LOI.

Rutgers Loses

Was it just the game, or was it more? Some on RU will need real off season help to recover from this season. Nuff said!!


Robert said...

Excellent post, thanks for your insight. I too have read all the negative stuff on Ron and wondered about it.

I may not agree with the Norm bashers, but I certainly can understand that these guys love the program and want this ship righted ASAP.

I'm just a casual fan with no formal resume, just a guy who loves college hoops.

LFBall said...

Welcome and thanks for the great comment. Please come back and read my blog often. I have alot to say lol. Thanks again.