Monday, February 11, 2008

Finally Back on-line!!!!!!!

Wow it seems like its been a month since my last blog post. Unfortunately i have experienced hardware problems in NE Pennsylvania that had me down for a few days including the weekend. Also I have been out of town in both Charlotte NC, and Upper Marlboro Maryland.

Now to Hoops

Lots to talk about from the weekend. Most people reading this blog already know the scores and results of many college and high school games of interest. So allow me to start with a feel good story.

On my journey back from Maryland I stopped right off the Pa. Turnpike on the Lehigh Valley Extension to stretch at a WaWa market. It must have been the busiest WaWa I have ever seen. In the store was the Delaware Valley College Men's Basketball Team. Being the basketball junkie I am I started asking the various players about the program and the opponent they had just faced in a game. 7 out of 7 kids I spoke with were open, articulate, and a joy to speak with. They had lost to a team called Wilkes it seemed. And that must be the Georgetown of their league because they said WILKES like I should have known who they were lol. Unfortunately I did not! But the experience that these young men were getting in regards to team work, citizenship, leadership and more reminded me what the sport of basketball can be in the right circumstances. These kids were having a ball playing D3 college basketball and though it was serious to them, it was not the D1 basketball is a business mentality we often see. They wore their Delaware Valley Warm-ups proudly as they left on the nice charter taking them back to campus. And by the way, they were paying for their own food as opposed to the catered pre-game meals many receive. These are the type of kids who will be great employers and employees one day.

A Little on SHU

Close game that ended in a lost. Of course SHU Fans do not want moral victories at this point. They want a winner. I still feel SHU is moving in the right direction and will be an NIT team this season and do more in the next few years. In the BE Tournament anything can take place so an NCAA bid might not be out of the question.

People need to relax about Mike Davis. he will be just fine as he re-learns the game of basketball and gets into even better shape. I tell you what, I love his aggressiveness. I will also tell you that as he gets better and learns to channel and control his aggressiveness, he will contribute in making SHU a hard game for opponents. Eugene Harvey has so much he has not [provided yet. He could breakout the next few games and make the Hall a serious challenge. Laing will reflect and step it up tremendously. Watch! I think Gonzo is doing a very good job getting guys in and out. Paul Gause being lost is reason for concern but the entire team will step up to take the slack, especially Hazell.


What Can You Say? Same thing as past posts. It is now about confidence for Farmer, Griffin, and ESPECIALLY INMAN! The big question is if Inman is man enough to step it up effort wise and get through the funk. It is evident he will not get many looks through the offense so he needs to hit the offensive boards and move away from the ball and be in position to make plays when he receives the ball. But right now it is all in his head unfortunately. If he runs the court, rebounds, and hits 75 or more percent of his foul shots he will be fine.

I also need to say that I think Corey Chandler is very good. I think he has the ability to be a star in the BE! But he continues to think ME as opposed to team. He tries so hard to do it on his own. He really needs to continue taking his OPEN shots via drives or perimeter shooting. But he also needs to learn to make plays.

Coaching at Rutgers

I resent people putting words in my mouth. I never said FHJ was not a good coach! I can see a certain RU Coach who loves reading the Internet running with that. I have said when I thought he did a good job, and I will say when I think he does a bad job. Just as I can say when a Chef who is world renowned prepares a less than spectacular meal. I think FHJ is doing a good job at RU. I have pointed out how he encourages his kids from the sidelines, nurtures his players, and is ATTEMPTING to build a PROGRAM as opposed to a team. But to me the offense looks non existent and helter skeltor. I am sure he will fix this in time. Baby steps when building a program. What am I supposed to say? The offense was so great no one in the country knew what they were running? Trust me I like FHJ. Damn if you do, damn if you don't. Still remember a RU Poster saying I am a kiss up to FHJ. Still remember a SHU poster saying they wanted my spin on something because I am a FHJ guy. I am really just a fan who has been around the game a bit longer than most others.

What Qualifies Me To Comment and Write A Blog?

NOTHING!!!!!!! Anyone can have one regardless of experience. And anyone can have an opinion. I have mine, others have theirs. But what have I done basketball wise? Just a few things for the few who continue questioning me and attacking me. This hardly qualifies me to be anything more than a fan with an opinions. If I coached against FHJ or Gonzo, they would beat me by 50 points. But I do have an opinion.

- Coached Junior College Basketball for many years and was part of a staff that took
3 teams to the national tournament in Hutchinson Kansas

- Coached Summer COMPETIVE basketball for 25 years

- Ran a weekend basketball workout program for 25 years

- Involved with various AAU programs over the years as a work-out and game coach

- Worked with no fewer than 100 division 1 basketball players including 9 seen on
on TV this season

- Coached at one point at least 12 NBA players including Rik Smits, ex Pacer.

- Coached for 9 years in NYC Summer Professional League

- Even coached in Biddy basketball and summer workouts NBA 1st time all star David

- Wrote a few stories for Black Athlete, and The Insiders Report when Russ Blake was

- Ran off season camp that attracted 40 D1 Coaches

- Worked at ABCD 2 years

- Ran, with Gary Charles, the initial Balance the Ball All Star game in Northern
NJ that had every great HS rising Senior, and Rising Junior from NY and NJ
with the exception of Shahee Holloway who was sick at the time.

- In prior years in close contact with coaches from BE, ACC, A10, Colonial, MAAC.
and more

- Have contacts on staff's of every Big East program with the exception of South
Florida and Georgetown.

- Lastly. I LOVE COLLEGE and HS BASKETBALL as much as I love eating. And if you
know me or saw me, you would realize that is alot lol. I watch and attend all the

Proof Reading

I really need to do a better job. Thanks for the heads up. Pitino, Got It!!


NJ Insider said...

Any D1 sleepers for 08/09. I know an NEC program looking all over for a point guard. Any kids to possibly look at? I have probably come across you in passing at events, but not sure who exactly you are. Keep up the good work - very entertaining stories.

Robert said...

If you know of any sleeper PG's, call Norm and let him know. SJU is going to need someone to back up Malik Boothe.