Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Just A Few Thoughts

Arrived back to the area late yesterday and watched alot of taped games. Let me start by saying it was around 65 degrees in Myrtle Beach despite clouds and rain while I was there. Had an opportunity to visit the site of the famous Beach Ball Classic again. Nice venue with a great setup for basketball.

Thinking about The Beach Ball Classic reminded me to watch the games held at St. Peters College last Thursday. Old news to many of you but I have some thoughts on what I saw.

Is it me or do many feel St. Anthony's could give RU, SHU, and SJU a hard game and potential loss?

I honestly feel St. Anthony's could beat St. Peters, FDU, Monmouth, and definitely NJIT. In fact, NJIT needs to recruit the 8th and 9th men off St. Anthony's.

Two words describes the future.......... Dominik Cheek

After watching him multiple times in the past three years I will honestly say he has gifts that are not given to most HS players. And forget that he disappeared the 2nd half of the game against American Christian. I would wait on him as opposed to taking Tyreke Evens if it came down to taking only one. Especially if he said he would attend. And I think Tyreke Evans is a great player but to me just a tad overrated. But nonetheless a future NBA player with hard work.

Back to Mr. Cheek. I am stunned that North Carolina did not wait for this kid. But he more than any other player in the tri-state area is a true PROGRAM CHANGER!!! He takes a team like RU or SHU to another level. More than Rosario or Chandler.

Speaking of Rosario. He will be a favorite for years at the RAC. He comes to RU with great shooting ability and knows the game offensively and defensively. Now if he gets there and looks bad we know exactly what the problem is. No one can say he was not coached well in HS.

I said earlier this year Samuel's was a bit overrated as well as the other big kid on St. Benedict's. Well Samuels is really doing his thing and looks like his rating is correct. He will be outstanding at Louisville and easy to coach based on Danny Hurley NEVER SPOILING him. Like I always say, one of my favorite HS Coaches is Danny Hurley because he teaches, coaches, cares, and takes no crap from anyone.

Did anyone catch the Kansas State game? Ex HS All American Billy Walker shot 0-14 from the field and had 0 points in a loss. He took more shots than Michael Beasly yet Beasly finished with huge numbers. How things change when HS kids play college basketball. Some excel and others who have been pampered all their lives regress.

Seton Hall won a must win game against DePaul University. Great win heading into future must win games including season finale against Rutgers that could have seeding implications in Big East that would impact getting an NCAA bid.

Rutgers is Rutgers but they will play well and hard in their last game before the big season in the Barn League. I really hope FHJ discontinues having kids play there. They are better off having games against each other weekly and playing in a local pro-am league.

What will happen if St. Benedicts has to meet up with St. Anthony's in the states. Even in the Tournament of Champions. Will Danny Hurley allow one of his able Assistants coach his team or will he be up for the challenge. If this happens ESPN should be all over it!!

Looks like Fordham will be a major player in the area for good HS Players. Maybe Whittenburg (sp) is ready to step up to a BE job. watch Providence talk to him if Welch leaves. If he goes and takes the kids he has recruited to that HS Gym in the Bronx, watch out!!! Speaking of facilities, how has he done as well as he has with a 500 year old gym. Just kidding I know it is not that old. Even Bob Hill could not get it done on Fordham Road despite looking to be a deal maker.

I am close to picking my all area teams and awards in categories ranging from most underrated to most overrated. If anyone has potential candidates please send to me at LFBall@AOL.COM. Should be a fun thing to do.

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