Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just a Few Items and a Brandon Costner Tidbit

Driving through Philly on Wednesday afternoon you might just see anyone. John Chaney, Sonny Hill, Bruiser Flint, Jay Wright, and others are very visible in the greater Philly area.

Today I saw one of the most instrumental people in the music industry talking to a familiar face in Philly. The music person was none other than Kenny Gamble, who made Philly International Records a household name years ago. They had everyone from Teddy Pendergrass to the O'Jays signed to that label. Now the familiar face was a guy who coaches college basketball. A real hard worker who has a big game on Thursday and a bigger game on Saturday. This familiar face was in Philly talking to a music icon? Why? And they were right on the street near Kenny Gamble's (He is now a Muslim but I do not know his new name) office.

Well the familiar face was none other than John Calipari, Head Coach of Memphis. Now I wonder what he was doing in Philly and talking to the legendary Kenny Gamble? If I was a betting man I would bet it has something to do with a certain HS All American from nearby Chester Pa.

If I am correct, this is what makes Cal so good as a recruiter and coach. He figures out who the correct people are when he recruits players. He leaves nothing to chance. I am sure he had time to visit an American Christian practice or game while in town. Or he could be in town talking about releasing a R&B CD in the near future. Lastly I wonder if Kenny Gamble knows the young man from Chester and his family? UMMMMMMMMM!!!!

More on St. Johns

Watched them play tonight. I still think Norm has good players and as those young guys get better so will SJU. I even looked at the roster and some of the kids were very highly thought of as HS seniors. But it is hard to teach youth to lead in that 1st year unless they are 1 and out guys. What might happen is some new coach could come in and mold the young talent assembled by Norm. But I would bet SJU makes Norm change his assistant coaches as opposed to letting him go..


What's next? I bet Rutgers also makes staff changes this summer at the urging of the AD. Just a hunch.

Brandon Costner

What is going on at NC State. How does a kid go from being a potential top 20 draft pick, and the number two rated college forward by many services, to being an after thought on the NC State team? Wow!!!!! Is this what happens when you bring in future studs? As soon as the new guys arrived, especially JJ Hickson (sp) it was role reversal for some players at NC State. The team itself has lost the chemistry it had last season. I would bet if Brandon was not in his 3rd year on the NC State campus he would opt out. Though he is only a soph on paper, he has 2 years of eligibility left at NC State and 11 if he transfers. Boy he could do major damage at RU, SHU, or SJU (kind of a Chris Mullins Type based on a great left handed J and court smarts). Lance Thomas needs to pay attention to what has happened to Brandon this season.

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