Thursday, February 14, 2008

HS Super Stars

Been doing alot of thinking lately since I thought about my Balance the Ball All Star game years ago at FDU. Where have the real supers in NJ gone. Now there are some good players and even a few past stars now playing in the NBA. Players such as Charlie Villainuava (sp), and Lou Deng, both from Blair Academy. Also we can look at past players such as Derrick Character, Lance Thomas, and even Corey Chandler, Corey Fisher, Corey Stokes. How about Earl Clark, Brian Zoubek, and others. All great players.

Do those players above measure up to Tim Thomas and Shaheen Holloway as HS Seniors? Even Tim Thomas ex teammate who attended UConn was special. Though Tim has had an average NBA career, he and Shaheen were special in HS. Go further back and look at Bobby Hurley and Jerry Walker!! Super HS players. But again, Tim Thomas could have been the greatest HS Player in the last 40 years coming out of NJ.

Now this brings up an interesting story. Years ago Teaneck NJ HS was a power. In fact at one time they were loaded with D1 talent from the varsity to the freshmen team. On the varsity was a skinny 6 ft 6 kid who we all thought would be special. But he was buried on the bench because he was not a fully developed player.

After that players sophomore year, his family decided to relocate to North Carolina where he attended RJ Reynolds HS (I Think). At that school he started to improve and became a much better player. After his senior year he did one year at Hargrave Military Academy where his game blossomed. But still the ACC or BE was not knocking his door down. But Xavier of the A10 was.

After accepting a scholarship to Xavier, he was projected as a project who would play in his Junior year. But in pre season the big man on Xavier goes down for the season and the young man has to play. Its the freshmen center at 6 ft 8, and 4 tough kids against the world. The Freshmen would get easy buckets from great guards and his game developed.

After a very good senior season the young man was a very late 1st round draft choice and has enjoyed a solid NBA career that has made him very wealthy. Now that young man has been chosen to play in his first NBA ALLSTAR Game!!!! What an accomplishment!!

Rewind to his Sophomore year in HS at Teaneck HS. This kid was in total awe when powerful Patterson Catholic with Tim Thomas played Teaneck in a scrimmage. During the game he actually guarded Tim Thomas who was just manhandling him and his teammates. The young man was so star struck he could not perform.

Fast forward to now and this young man has done what others never (People in Teaneck like Herman Snyder always believed in him) thought would happen. He is an NBA vet, and a member of the All Star Team for the first time in his career. The player: DAVID WEST!!!!!!

I tell this story because there are many David West's out there in need of encouragement and opportunities. David took advantage of his and has done well. It is not always about the HS All Americans as much as it is about those hidden gems. Anyone can pick out the top 10 HS guys. But who is good enough to pick out the ones who will be impact players in future years. So that kid in 10th grade on the bench could just be the one who shines in the future. It is why I always say KEEP THE FAITH!!!

Indiana Situation

I would not be shocked if Bobby Knight resurfaces at University of Indiana. heck, they might have talked to him weeks ago in anticipation of the recent findings. maybe that is the reason he stepped down. Stay tuned!!!


If folks honestly think RU will not be in the running for Ebanks they are crazy. In fact, if things at Indiana continue to get worst, I would bet he strongly considers making RU his destination next season. If this happens with him and Rosario, along with Jackson and Morris (I honestly think Morris is better than a project but not good enough to start next season), RU could have a top 10 recruiting class with 2 Micky D type players.

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