Thursday, February 7, 2008

I just have to comment on a SHU post on MY BLOG!!!!

Just read the SHU Rivals Board where a poster had his post deleted for saying something thought to be racist and discriminatory. I read the post before it was deleted and was shocked to say the least! It's one thing for a guy like me to use the word thug, which many have said was wrong and I stopped using it. It's another thing to say a team needs a particular color player to be good insinuating that type of player brings more intelligence and knowledge.

I applaud the SHU Board Administrator who removed the post, regardless of what the intent was. Though it might not have been meant the way it was written, it was wrong just as me using the word Thugged was wrong despite coaches all over America using that terminology to describe a player outplaying another player on the opposing team.

lastly I am stunned that some guys including one I REALLY RESPECT, who had a real problem with me using the word Thug, thought the post should stay. Good for you Tom, keep up the great work!!! Please read next blog on games involving SHU and RU last night


SPK145 said...


To set the record straight, it was NOT the original post in that thread that got the thread deleted. A new poster turned that thread into an attack on Gonzo, calling him racist because he did not have any white players on the team. As you can now tell, this thread had headed down a very slippery slope and would have only slipped deeper into the abyss had it been allowed to continue.

The original thread brought up a point at least worth discussing, which was more in terms similar to your thoughts in the debate over suburban- versus city- type players, hence I would have liked to have discussed it further.

I certainly highly appreciate that you "REALLY RESPECT" me, you know I certainly feel the same about you, just wanted to set the record straight.

Straight Life said...

I took the originally to be a comment on players who play within a system vs. one-on-one ballers.