Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bosco Wins Jambo!!! / Sampson Out???

I will be on the road for a few days so I need to post this before I leave out. Check back for additional posts Monday morning.

Bosco wins the Jambo for the third straight year. Well I have to say they are quite a program in north Jersey and judging from the younger players, they could be good next season as well. I think they have alot to be proud of. And to think Dennis Gregory, the Rutgers Head of Basketball Operations got the program back up and running years ago with Todd Palmer and others. Todd went on to ND on a full basketball scholarship.

But what has made Bosco so good in recent years is the inclusion of kids from Teaneck, Englewood, and other places. This is not aimed at Bosco but if Curtis march and Gerald Ackeridge would just get back to where they were years ago program wise kids would not leave for greener pastures. I for one get sad every time I hear about Teaneck not having about 5 potential D1 players because they are at other schools. If March and Akridge ( who is Lamarr Odoms Cousin)do not want to work it as hard for their programs and kids in those towns, they need to step down so that a person similar to Scooter Whiting can be hired. Remember it was not too long ago that both were just like Scooter. and we see what he has done taking his PROGRAM to the Jambo finals. Teaneck would contend for the tournament of champions if those kids were at Teaneck. The Biddy Basketball thing has really not been supportive to Teaneck HS. Nuff said!!

Sampson Out!!!!

If this is true we will see some interesting things happen and Ebanks will be recruited by some serious $$$ Schools from all over the country. Hopefully his parents will make sure he attends Rutgers where he has people who will look out for him as he STARS and leads RU to the post season in 09. I think RU will be a SERIOUS CONTENDER based on all he has been through this season.

But do not put it past a new coach at St. Johns to attempt to reel him in as well. But I really feel he is Rutgers recruit to lose at this point. I would love to see him at RU and Evans at SHU!!!!! Talk about exciting!!!!

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