Wednesday, February 27, 2008

GLOVES OFF!!!!!!!!! / Clarification

I have attempted to be honest and fair with this blog. Because I did not want anyone or any group responsible for what I post or write, I created a blog to express MY THOUGHTS!! People have a right to pay NO ATTENTION to what I write. Or they can read and make a comment. Either way is acceptable.

I have not attacked Fred Hill on here despite what I have gotten from many people. Ditto Jim Carr. I only say what I feel in an attempt to be fair. When I felt FHJ was correct, I agreed and said how I felt. I would say great coaching job or great the way he encourages his players all the time because he knows what he has. I never went ballistic and said he was a horrible coach and motivator with a weak staff. Nothing like that. And I am not saying that now though others have on various message boards and in rooms and gyms all over the tri-state area. I have been harder on MY FRIEND JR INMAN than anyone else!! But what happened at Rutgers yesterday pissed me off more than anything I have seen this year. And yes, JR DID NOT PERFORM or COMPETE!!!!!!!!! We as fans can say what we wish in blogs, and message boards. But the Coach????

I would not care if FHJ took JR into a closet and went at him fists flying to make his point. I would not care if FHJ called JR every name but the son of Sam in practice. I would not care if FHJ challenged JR nose to nose in the locker room. I would not care if FHJ beat JR with a broom stick in practice. I would not care if FHJ CURSED JR so bad in practice that he lost his voice. But what FHJ did yesterday in an effort to pass blame on another poor performance by players, including JR, and the RU Coaching Staff is wrong.

I am stunned that FHJ would stoop so low. This bashing stuff is the reason I did not like Gary Waters. I hated his frowns at players and lack of encouragement. Now Fred Hill blames a loss on one person's so called lack of heart and does it to THE PRESS! Who is he kidding? If one guy is killing you, as the Coach YOU MAKE AN ADJUSTMENT. Stevie Wonder was at the game and said to his friend, "Wow, JR is not strong enough to guard that guy because he is a bull and he is tougher." Jose Feleciano sitting closer to the court said "Why does the Rutgers Coach not run a defender at that guy, or at least change the D or assignment?" In other words it looks as if the RU Coaching Staff did not do what they were supposed to do preparation or execution wise. They had to know what was coming their way. But despite this, it was easy for FHJ to go after JR Inman. If FHJ does not like JRs game, sit his butt down on the bench. After all he did it for no reason early in the season. And trust me, it was for no reason!! So why not do it now when he is not playing well as opposed to embarrassing one of your players even more.

For personal reasons I have always disliked coaches who embarrassed players in the press. It is why I have always been an Al Skinner fan. Al had a player who took a lay up in a BE tournament game years ago when they needed a 3 point shot. The press was all over the kid. Al responded in the press conference, that's the way they play and the kid was only doing what he was taught. We knew Al was making this up but at the same time he was protecting the player. Fred did the opposite and used the players lack of strength and even heart as an excuse for the loss. He put him out there in a bad way. Maybe he should have said he messed up by not having a better and alternative defensive plan for the game. Funny how the great coaches in America never blame in the press. But in practice the players often hate them because they are so hard. From John Wooden to Coach K, this applies.

Now is FHJ correct about JR? Yes he is because JR needs to step it up mentally and physically. JR should have been screamed at until this morning. JR has been EXTREMELY SOFT. But knowing JR as I do, I feel this kid is lost in space and FHJ is one of the reasons for this. It is obvious that the kid is going through something and this latest thing will not really help. Can he recover? I hope so. Will it carry over to next season? I hope not! But I am sure top 50 recruits do not want a coach who calls them out in the press.

Now lets look at FHJ and the job he has done. And yes they will spread stuff on me to get back, especially you know who. Rate the staff? Do they execute? Do they seem like a program? Do they compete? has the kids gotten better in the past 3 years since FHJ the teacher and workout guru has been there? And I will be the first to say the word on the street is FHJ is one of the BEST in the business with workouts. What offense are they running? Do they seem prepared to play? And if people feel the incoming recruits will turn it around without a huge improvement by the RU Coaches, you are mistaken. I again say the present talent is good, but soft and un-motivated and often lacking heart and desire. The job for a coach is to bring the best out of players. If that is not the case than they would not earn more than Professors with PhD's. If coaching was not important, the team could be run by a Manager who earns $75,000 per year. You get the big money to develop, motivate, teach, and lead, as well as recruit. And this "not my player" (recruited) stuff is getting old. Maybe it is me, but I also think it is time that the RU staff steps it up as well. Are they all they can be? Are they that talented as a staff they cannot improve? Next season brings a few new faces including a very good Mike Rosario. That gives RU and FHJ around 9 CLAIMED players. Lets see what happens.

So in conclusion I am curious to see how this plays out. But this was a real black eye for FHJ and many are surprised by it. Lastly, I have always appreciated FHJ and liked him. I hope it is just frustration on his part because never in 100 years would I expect him to hang a player in the press as he did. Besides, if JR held his assignment to 15 points, would RU had won the game?


Yesterday I mentioned that St. Anthony's could give RU, SHU, and SJU a good game and possible loss. Of course those teams are stronger with more talent. But because guard play is so important and St. Anthony's has 3 guards going to Big East Teams, 3 other players going to a solid A10 programs, a top 10 junior who can go where ever he wishes, and a Hall of Fame HS Coach in Bob Hurley, I still feel it would be a good game. If You borrow Samuel's from St. Benedicts I think it could be a win. Remember Ohio State years ago. Look at Syracuse with Carmella. They might enter as an underdog but it could be a game. Do the match-ups by position including coaches.


Fordham_57 said...


IMHO, St. Anthony's or Benedict's would not beat SHU or RU (St John's possibly because they are so bad, but I doubt even St. John's). I think you underestimate the physical and mental maturity differences between a 16,17,18 year old and a 19,20 & 21 year old.

In regard to FHJ, I think the pressure of continued RU blowouts is getting to him, witness the kicking incident and now the Press carnage of JR. I'm sure he must be thinking about his untimely remarks and regretting them.

I think you have to take into account that it's a growing up process for FHJ as well as the players. Not that that is an excuse.

Hopefully he will grow, and with the influx of new talent, he will florish. Unfortunately, RU has been shooting itself in the foot for an awful lot of years. One wonders if that will ever change.

Gregg said...


I agree whole heartedly with you about coaches bashing players in public. There is simply no need for it on the college level. Call JR out when the mics are turned off. What point does Hill hope to convey publicly by doing this? Unprofessional in my opinion.

However, Huggins did this a few weeks back after the Pittsburgh loss. He singled out either Joe Alexander or Alex Ruoff by referring to one of the two as a p_ssy. Uncalled for, yet not shocking considering the man who said. We as WVU fans though looked past this as part of "Hugg's tough love" approach. I respect Huggins and am glad we have him, but a line does indeed need to be drawn when criticizing players.

Dr Al said...

Perhaps FHJ left JR out there alone to embarrass him as a way of getting his ego in check. JR has been soft and yet still delusional as to his level of play....e.g. calling out Handsbrough before the UNC game by stating that he's never had someone defend him with JR's skill level. I have also heard that JR has been trash talking the freshman during practices and this probably plays into the coaches handling of JR at this time. Although I generally think that bashing your players in the media is not a good thing I can understand why it has come to this. Fred has done everything possible to light a fire under JR and nothing has worked.....maybe this will. If not JR should transfer or he will see limited minutes next year for sure.

LFBall said...

Thanks to all of you for your great comments. This blog is just a way for me to talk basketball and stay busy. As many know, I love he game of basketball.

In regards to St. Anthony's playing a local BE team. Of course they should lose and most likely would. I said what I did to get some responses. Sorry if I lost credibility. I was just attempting to create conversation. But tell you what. The game could be interesting for the first 15 minutes. And coaching and conditioning would be close but physical strenghth would favor the college team. But again, I accomplished my task of getting folks to talk about what I wrote.

Thanks again and please come back often.