Monday, February 18, 2008


Lets start with a three way deal that might just happen. Tim Floyd of USC to LSU. Jamie Dixon from Pitt to USC. Sean Miller from Xavier to Pitt. Why does this make since?

Tim Floyd is originally from Louisiana from what I have heard. I hear the deep pocket guys are really interested in getting him to the SEC and LSU in particular. Jamie Dixon is a West Coast Guy and would get alot more money than he currently makes at Pitt. Miller is a natural fit at Pitt, where he played and is famous for the pass that led to the dunk that shattered a backboard.

How about St. Johns. I heard today that Norm Roberts remains on the hot seat in Jamaica. Seems they really wish to make a move on him. Norm is an OUTSTANDING Guy and I personally think he has turned the corner. But what do I know. I hear there are a few influential people who will attempt to woo John Calipari with a huge money offer. St. Johns is one of the most visible jobs in America based on past success. That alone would make him listen. But Lou C. would have to make the initial call to him most likely. But again the rumor is the financial package would be HUGE!!!

Personally I think St. Johns needs more than a coach. They need a better on campus facility (Alumni Hall spruced up ) for some games and a deal with MSG to play the big games there. MSG deal is very important because it is a magnet for good HS players. St. Johns was a national program for many years just by getting PSAL and CHSAA players according to a poster on or And that is so true. But now kids are not even interested it seems.

Message Boards

I cannot believe what is happening on message boards. I read one message board where a moderator was actually going back and forth with a poster. They were getting very personal. I actually thought the poster was right because the moderator accused him of saying something he did not based on my interpretation of his post. When he pointed it out, the moderator should have just left it alone or said "My Bad." It was one of the most ugly things I have seen on-line. We all post because we love basketball, especially on the HS and College level.

How about the latest on Mr. Ebanks?

Talked to a few folks and it seems he is definitely thinking over the Indiana situation. Again I feel Rutgers will be in the mix for his services especially if IU decides they do not wish him to attend after all the negativity. He than will realize players need to go WHERE THEY WILL BE LOVED as opposed to JUST WANTED.

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