Tuesday, March 25, 2008

You Know I Call It As I See It!!!!!

I need to congratulate all the Rutgers Fans who are rejoicing over the signing of Greg Echenique and Austin Johnson. I guess RU Fans feel they have a great nucleus in Chandler, Rosario, Coburn, Echenique, Austin, N'Diaye, Pettis, and Sofman!!

It was a great recruiting job by FHJ and staff and they deserve alot of credit. I did notice the schools that were recruiting Echenique, and Austin seemed to change. I thought Duke had offered Greg? If they did he must have watched what was happening to Lance Thomas and figured he would do the smart thing and go where he would be INNITIALLY loved and not just wanted. Plus Rutgers College is as good a school as any college in America. Maybe he spoke with Lance Thomas who could have told him Not To Make The Mistake He Did!! I wonder?????

Now with this nucleus of FHJ players, will Rutgers be a BE Contender? As I have said in the past, rankings, and reputations mean nothing once you start your freshmen year in college. I have seen both newly committed players compete in the past. I will not provide any feedback at this time but if people looked back at older posts they would see my opinions on Greg and even his teammate headed to Louisville, who did step it up and is much better that I thought at the time. But the potential starting team of Chandler, Rosario, N'Diaye, Echenique, and Austin in the 2009-2010 season seems interesting. But time will tell if players are a bit overrated, physically ready, mentally ready, and able to compete!

Lastly, the coaching and preparation remains very important even with YOUR PLAYERS as opposed to inherited players.

The Sixth Annual Art Perryman-Al Keglovits All-Star Basketball Games

Great games for a great cause held at East Stroudsburg University. Game benefits Cancer Research and The Jimmy V Foundation. Local Female and Male players chosen from area high schools played in front of close to 2000 people in two exciting games. Again great cause and I am glad I was able to contribute a few bucks to the cause.

Unfortunately as I watched I saw so many good players without any actual scholarship offers. Sad because the local area coaches are decent X and O guys but hardly the all around dedicated coaches we see in NJ and NYC. Kids with game are again headed for Penn State Hazleton, and even Cooking and Technical Schools according to many in the crowd. I know for a fact at least 2 or 3 could be very good in the NEC, MAAC, and with a year of Prep School one, 6 ft 6 guard Neil Baskerville, could play in the Atlantic 10 and lower Big East!! Sad how those coaches who can coach, hate to see anyone assist these kids, even if the assistance is free of charge with no strings attached. There are currently 4 future D1 players returning to the area next season. One is a young lady with the last name of Gallagher who attends East Stroudsburg South HS and is good enough to have Rutgers and others take a serious look at her. Kaheim Hall is a young player at Pocono Mountain East HS, which does have a NYC/NJ type coach and staff. They will make sure he gets what's needed development and publicity wise. Riley Moye is a 6 ft 9 kid from Stroudsburg HS with GREAT COORDINATION who runs well and blocks shots. He will be at the least an A10 player. He also is fortunate to have a Dad who understands what needs to happen for his son to develop. Both Hall and Maye play AAU in NYC with the New Heights Program.

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