Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hot Coaching Prospect / Rutgers Helps Everyone

Hot off the press is information that the current Marist Coach Head Basketball Coach is headed to James Madison University. That means there will be a great opening at Marist College, or is it University by now? The best possible candidate for the Marist Job is none other than Tim Maloney, current UMass Associate Head Coach and a genuine GREAT GUY!!!! This guy is loved by all and was one of the main reasons Billy Donovan has had so much success at The University of Florida. Guy is a special type coach who will GET IT DONE big time at Marist if he is hired. This is really a no brainer if Marist wants to be a power in the MAAC as well as in the eastern part of the country.

Speaking of coaching changes, I hear St. Francis of Brooklyn and Brian Nash the Head Coach, has decided to change the staff. Not sure of the reasons but I can guess it is because the coaches let go did not fit into what Brian wants to get done. Brian needs to do himself a favor and hire some real coaches!!! One name that comes to me automatically is Robert Holford, ex Junior College national D3 Coach or the Year after leading Hostos CC to a national title a few years back. This guy is OUTSTANDING and with him on Brian's staff would mean a new mid major player in the area.

I want to again say RU has done what they and others are supposed to do. They kept good HS players from leaving the state of NJ. These type of commitments, as well as commitments from kids like Jordan Theodore, really help everyone. It shows that it's a good thing to stay local for college. Again, I am not as high on the recent commitments as most, but feel they are part of the puzzle and PR wise, great commitments. On the court, time will tell.

From last night, it seems Mr. Rosario is an impact player!! I have seen him play similar against NJ competition and was eager to see him go against national AA type players. HE DID NOT DISAPOINT ONE BIT!! In fact he had that Quincy Douby confidence! I thought he could have almost been the game MVP. He passed and shot it like a seasoned veteran. WOW, WOW, WOW !!!!

I always felt guard play was more important than big man play. I said this in past posts and to others on many occasions. A team with average big guys who can rebound defensively, with super guards is a dangerous team. Check out Mr. Curry and his Davidson Teammates as an example. Rosario and an UNSELFISH Chandler will make the big's on Rutgers shine next season. They will also help the two 09 recruits adjust and play well.

Mike Rosario's performance last night made Rutgers a household word. It makes alot of local and national kids say, "I want to do the same thing." They might be even saying "I want to be like Mike." I am sure Ebanks watched the game and thought to himself how special it could be playing with Mike, Chandler, and the two 09 guys, and a revitalized Inman, Farmer, and Griffin. and a future star in Hamedy N (sp).

Soon the ball will be in FHJs court. He will have to steer that Rutgers bus the correct way that gets the most out of all his players. But in the long run, this week at Rutgers has benefited every D1 team in the area. It's officially sexy to stay home!

Women's Basketball

You look at a place like Tennessee, with GREAT FACILITIES and college amenities and you expect to see them sign a large number of All American Girls basketball players. But Rutgers did the same without great facilities although the RAC is decent. They did it by establishing a winning tradition and a style of play that attracts young ladies eager for the national spotlight. 5 All Americans? Unbelievable!!! Those Women games at the RAC must be electric!!!


RED ARMY said...

Both Hill and Stringer are recruiting amazing players who will bring their teams to the highest level. And, in the case of Stringer, she already has made RU a fixture among the country's truly elite programs.

We all look forward to the day soon when both basketball teams will be in the top ten.

LFBall said...

They are doing a good job!! Remember the Assistants have a huge hand in recruiting. But now with players it is about execution and team defense.