Thursday, March 20, 2008

I always say what's On My Mind

I have not spoken to Bobby Gonzalez in over a year. But one thing for certain, I think Seton Hall has a heck of a Coach and a person who will find a way to return them to the glory days they seek. Now I still think he needs a strong older guy on his staff to assist him in some areas, but overall Seton Hall's gain was St. Johns loss.

Folks are concerned about his antics without realizing the passion he has for the game. With him what you see is what you get! Can he bring it down a notch? Yes! Should he? I am not sure! I think kids love playing for animated guys who are coaching as hard as they should be playing. I would rather have a lunatic type coach winning than a laid back coach wearing tweed jackets and button down shirts losing and bringing zero excitement. Bobby's real problem is he followed a GREAT GUY who was laid back that won and went to the NCAA's. As soon as he gets The Hall to the NCAA's he will be fine. And he has a good chance of doing this.

Looking at the Seton Hall program, with the new arena, Bobby is the perfect coach to make the place exciting. In the future there will be people coming to see him coach or should I say perform. What he is going through with the new AD at SHU is wrong, wrong, and wrong.

I know for a FACT that the RU folks including one particular coach was really hoping your curret AD would get the AD job at SHU. He had the political backing and influential backing to get the job over some other good candidates including Gene Marshall who would have worked well with all of your coaches.

An AD is not supposed to be a police officer to the athletic department. He/She should not be a enforcer! The Ad at a university should be supportive of the coaches, and various teams. Now if this guy continues to mess with Bobby, and some other school opens up that is attractive, who could blame him for running. And those who feel he only has one more year to prove himself are wrong. Compare the direction SHU is headed to other tri-state universities? I guess you see what I am referring to.

Now back to this AD at SHU. I am sure he is a decent guy who might have gotten too far in to back-up and make the relationship with Bobby Gonzalez work. But he can if he does a real good self evaluation. He needs to be aware that he works for SHU and no one else. He should not have been in that picture with the Rutgers staff. It looked bad and gave people a reason to wonder. He seems out to get Bobby Gonzalez as opposed to defending him in the press. He should have been on the phone with the BE commissioner arguing for and supporting Bobby. And a suspension? Who is he impressing? What is he proving? The commissioner and the SHU AD are both wrong for even discussing Bobby and Fred Hill Jr. It's a rivalry, that's all!!!

Lastly, if anyone needs to leave SHU it should be..............................!

Finally. If anyone thinks the negitive press and lack of cooperation between the AD and Head Coach will not hurt SHU recruitment they are wrong!!!


ironlung75 said...

Ball, I am so afraid you are right on. We are at a crucial time right now and I understand that there is a possibility that Quinlan held back Bobby from making a trip to see Flowers. This could kill us. This buffoon is going to kill SHU sports in general. There are hundreds of emails going to Monsignor Sheeran to ask for JQ's resignation or a full investigation of the situation. Except nobody knows which side anybody is on. I believe this requires a full, open investigation even if it comes from an unbiased media source. Our problem is we get jokers like Politi. This has to stop and it has to stop now! Because it can ruin another recruiting season where we really have some key needs. What kid wants to walk into the middle of this? I believe we need a "Network Moment" where SHU fans, Alums and other Supporters rise up and scream "We are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore". I hope we can get through and have Mr. Quinlan go somewhere he can mess up someone else’s program.

LFBall said...

Thanks for the response. I do not know Mr. Quinlin, but I am sure he thinks he is doing the right thing and helping SHU. I am sure he feels he is helping SHU. But honestly his actions do not look like he is. He really needs to back up. But the real question might be is he being pressured by the SHU administration to do this? Since there is no response by the SHU Admnistration, we will neever know. But iy looks almost like they are preparing a case for dismissal! SHU has the right guy. In time he will calm down. I just hope he remains passionate about coaching and recruiting!