Friday, March 14, 2008


Did anyone predict the BE quarter finals would have Georgetown, West Virginia, Marquette, and Pitt? I doubt it. West Virginia is a huge surprise because most of the experts predicted they would be at the bottom of the conference. Honestly I think Huggins got more from his players than John Baeline, and I am a huge Baseline fan!! Shows what happens when you put kids in position to succeed.

I still say Bobby G is getting a raw deal in the media. Yes he is out of control often, but what is being said is plain wrong. I also think FHJ did nothing wrong. Nothing at all in regards to Bobby G.

Jamar Nutter's actions with James of Marquette surprised me. Jamar is one of the classiest kids you will ever meet. For him to do what he did is so out of Character. Could it be possible we caught the retaliation for something done by Mr. James earlier?

The Tournament of Champions final in NJ would have been so much better and interesting if they did the 2 at large teams suggested by many. As it stands who will attend? Boring and not a good indicator of best NJ HS teams.

I see a number of transfers taking place this off season. I can just feel it!!! One that I can see happen, and no I did not get this from anyone, is Costner getting out of NC State. He had a zero yesterday in limited minutes. Sidney Lowe might have coaches a little in the NBA, but he has failed the kids on his team in regards to development and putting them in position to succeed. NO WAY COSTNER and Gavin Grant who scored maybe 2 points, should not be scoring double figures each game. Gavin is a senior so it's over for him. But Costner is a red-shirt Sophomore. If he leaves he would still only have 1 year left to play unless he requested and received a hardship that would allow him to play right away at a school near his home. UMMMMMMMM! Again this is all me because no one has said a thing to me nor do I have inside information.

Transferring with one years left is not a bad thing despite what many people might say. If a player has money making potential and is being held back, he needs to get to a comfortable place where he can work hard for an entire season, and play that last year in the best shape of his life. Not for all but the exceptional kid could make this work. I wonder if Tyrell Biggs will enjoy coming off the bench at Pitt his senior season? Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Again just my thoughts and no inside information.

Bobby G said yesterday he has some surprise recruits. Looking forward to seeing who. But trust me when I tell you some kids LOVE his coaching style even if SHU folks want him to calm down.

I speak alot about coaching changes. But trust me I do not like seeing people lose jobs!! Hopefully some people will find other opportunities in a particular school or at another program that will make room for local programs adding staff. I have a feeling about what might happen locally but I will watch and see if it plays out.

Getting close to the AAU/REC season. Very exciting tournaments coming our way. The CYP in Portchester NY, The Playez Ball, Hoop Group Stuff, and much more. I will re post my AAU stuff in the near future. After I do the LFBallonHoops Awards including Coach of the Year, Player of the year, Selfish player of the year, most overrated

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