Friday, March 7, 2008

High School and College Seasons Coming to an End

It's been a very long season for local teams. I loved the article done by a local area paper that highlighted the seasons of our college teams. Unfortunately I did disagree when it came to Seton Hall. I think they are having a solid season and will be in the post season. I also think Villanova is a post season team and will be in a tournament depending on what they do in the BE tournament.

St. Johns and Rutgers? Both have not been as good as fans want them to be. But both head coaches have a great opportunity to get their programs on order for next season. I am sure FHJ has at least 2 years to show improvement while Norm has to get it done next year by any means necessary. I will not be surprised to see both programs make staff changes in order to add a solid X and O person. Next year Fordham, Iona, and Manhattan will hopefully be better. However, Derrick Whittenberg will not be able to smile through many more bad seasons on Rose Hill even though he seems headed in the right direction. Willard at Iona seems to have 100 people looking out for him based on calls I recieve from people asking about certain players I know at out of area schools who they anticipate transferring back to the area.

NJIT needs to identify a hard working assistant or a D3 or D2 head coach to turn that program around. Let me give them a hint. Jose....., William Patterson..... Former SHU player...... And how about bringing in with a good coach, a good assistant like a person whose last name makes you think of a hamburger. Than they could give a great offer to guy coaching at St. Peters who has a great rising 9th grade son. He might not ever get his son, but he would be that other FT assistant who could get players. I am sure there are many more good candidates. But would they take the job? Maybe they could give Kevin Boyle a great offer?

Other area teams have also taken a slide. Manhattan has a very well dressed coach who will eventually get it done because he is LOVED, not liked, Loved by everyone he comes in contact with. Just a matter of time.

Back to SJU. Does anyone get a feeling SJU is stalling a year because they have their sight (yes I had site here lol) on someone very special? Though it is a great chance for Norm to right the ship, it also gives SJU an opportunity to put together a serious package to get a new person for the 2009-2010 season. Talk about pressure!!!

Ebanks Thoughts

This will be a battle over attending a program where he starts and stars out of the gate or attending a program where he might start but not be the main focus his first year. UConn will be a major players for him despite not being listed. He sees the solid crowds at UConn games and understands the benefits if you know what I mean. I also think some other schools out there will try to tempt him by any means necessary, something RU and SHU would not do. Mom from what I read just wants him to be with good solid people. But we all know peer pressure is a very important factor with basketball recruits. It takes a solid kid not to be influenced when his friends whisper in his ear how bad RU was this year, or talk about the lack of facilities. This will be a hard one but anything can happen.

This brings me to another point. SHAME ON ME!!!!!!!!!!! Shame on me for being so hard on JR this season. Shame on me for being so hard on Griffin. Both those young men along with Farmer committed to Rutgers at a time very few kids on their HS level were considering the Scarlet Knights. Yes RU had Webb,and he was treated well by the fans despite never living up to his HS press clippings. But he was a leader. QD? Did better than his HS clippings. But after those two local players no one really wanted to stay home to play at RU. Those 3 kids took a leap of faith. Now the applause has turned into jeers and put downs. Yes we all understand the potential they have, especially me. But I and maybe others need to step back and appreciate what ever they give and provide.

I can also say the same thing about Nutter and Harvey at Seton Hall. Fans have been very hard on them, especially Nutter. Both stayed home to attend College despite having many other offers. Yes they need to play better but they still have given alot to the SHU program.

Speaking again of Seton Hall. I really feel SHU has used the new Pru center to their advantage. That place looks like an exciting place when there is a game. On TV, and in person. Kids looking at SHU will be very impressed. If Tyreke Evans committed to SHU I would not be stunned or surprised because they honestly have alot to offer him. Next season they could easily bring that curtain up a bit to accommodate 2000 more fans. I think Sunday's game against RU will be electric.

Bob Hurley Sr. vs Kevin Boyle

What is up with this? Both are great coaches who have great programs. Honestly I feel Hurley is a true hero and Kevin is a not far behind. Well maybe somewhat further than that because Hurley is legendary!! But the bottom line is both have done so much for kids most people have never heard of. Both have suggested kids to colleges from schools other than their own. Both care about every kid in their respective programs. Both on a yearly basis have national programs. These two guys along with my guy Danny Hurley, Maurice Hicks at Rice in NYC, Gary DeCaeser when he was at St. Raymond's, Bob C at Mt. Vernon, and a few others have done things others dream of. In fact I know a certain young man who never met Bob Hurley yet it was Hurley who convinced a certain school in the CAA to take him a s a transfer. And please do not let me start on the charity stuff these guys do. So with that, all I say is CAN WE JUST GET ALONG!!!!

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Gregg said...


I think the mens coach over at William Paterson is Jose Rembibas if I'm not mistaken?

The guy has been there for a while now. I think NJIT could use a guy with serious New Jersey roots. Rembibas is a proven winner at the D3 level, and could recruit the area given his connections to SHU and such.

I know they're doing a "national search", but have you heard any names thrown out yet? Is Rembibas a serious consideration?