Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Very Short

Not going to make this a long one because I want everyone to get the message.

Rutgers did a great job of keeping two highly rated HS Players from leaving the state. That's a huge thing and something that helps all the local College Teams. It shows other area kids, both upper and lower classmen, that the local basketball scene is a good place to be. Now some other kids will look at these signings and do the same at RU, SHU, SJU, and even lower conference teams.

However, the excitement we are seeing is more based on rankings, rep, and sending schools (St. Benedict's, and Blair) than actual talent. I am not saying these kids signed by RU will not be good. I honestly do not know! I have seen them and they are good, but nowhere near program changers which a guy like Ebanks would be. But the name of the game is keeping local talent home, and RU did this. But again, I am not convinced from what I have seen that these kids are definite in the door impact players. Without the right coaching, teaching, and development, they could be very average, even with experience. Watch the AAU season for hints of how they will be. Just my humble opinion from a few observations. And by the way, I felt similar about Lance Thomas when I saw him, and he was a very good to great prospect and had 5 stars out of HS. John Chaney, the ex Temple Coach, told me years ago about how he fooled folks with a player he had named Jose Rivas, a big kid from PR. Said he coached him to a NBA deal! Great coaches do that, especially great HS Coaches from great HS Programs. Again, I am a huge Danny Hurley, and Papa Hurley fan!!!!! Nuff Said!


darrenmaloney said...

Rutgers will get better, but right now it is all about middle of pack...which is ok. When they get rid of Jim "go get some sodas and sandwiches for the bus ride" Carr..they will have really improved themselves.
SHU and BG should be on a roll and making even more strides but his weasel AD is screwing the program, the school, BG's future, and the conference with his covert/pussy behavior.

LFBall said...

Wow!!!! Tell us how you really feel lol. Trust me, Jim Carr is valuable to RU. But the AD at SHU needs to get his act together. Thanks for commenting. Please come back!