Monday, March 24, 2008


Boy am I eating crow! I had a few posts last week questioning the validity of some mid major conferences in the NCAA D1 tournament. Now I was not really referring to the Sun belt Conference, which is a strong conference. Nor was I referring to conferences such as the Valley or is it the Missouri Valley. I was talking about the very small conferences that often get 2 and 3 star recruits and transfers from bigger conferences when things do not work out. Yes I was talking about the Southern Conference, which if I remember correctly, Davidson is a member. I was also talking about the MEAC, SWAC, NEC, MAAC, and a few others. But these schools from the smaller conferences are making such an impact this post season that everyone is stunned. I never thought Davidson would beat Georgetown. WOW!!!

Back to Davidson. One of my dreams believe it or not, is to be a season ticket holder at Davidson. I am close to getting a home near the Davidson campus and it is a wonderful small town. Davidson game on a Tuesday, NC Charlotte game on a Wednesday, North Carolina Central game on a Thursday, and a North Carolina (2 hours) game on a Saturday. That's basketball heaven lol.

Davidson winning against Georgetown killed almost every non Davidson fan's bracket! Who would have even imagined? I guess that killer pre conference schedule paid off! Davidson played some very tough teams from North Carolina in the early season. And yes Bob McKillip is a very good coach and always has been.

I met Bob McKillip years ago when he was the Head Coach at Long Island Lutheran HS. Now for those who are new to following prep basketball, LI Lutheran was the St. Anthony's and St. Benedicts of that time.They even built a great basketball mini arena onn the grounds. The history went all the way back to Billy Chamberlain attending North Carolina out of Lutheran on the heels of Charlie Scott integrating the Atlantic Coast Tournament. They must have produced over 50 D1 players over a 15-20 year period. Well Bob McKillip is a product of that coaching fraternity. As a side note many of the LI Lutheran players were recruited from the streets of NYC and abroad.

With the great success of Davidson this year everyone is now saying McKillip would have been great for this school or that school. Maybe, maybe not! Bob is right where he can be effective. Bob's X and Os have never been a question mark. His ability to recruit the super players from tough environments have always been the big question mark. No I am not talking about just Black kids! If you look at the Davidson roster, most if not all the kids are a reflection of each other. hard working and good students. No drama on or off the court. And if they are not foreign born, it's a great possibility they are from similar home backgrounds, and you can use Christian Curry as an example of the backgrounds. Bob, according to folks I know, always has been much more comfortable with these hard working kids than the ones with AAU coaches calling the shots, and others in their entourage.

Now just a little about Mr. Curry. Everyone knows who his dad is. But what alot of folks do not know is he was begging teams to look at him. No one bit!! Despite his Dad and Jay Bilas running the best North Carolina HS Holiday Basketball Tournament, The Bojangles Shootout, no one listened. Bob McKillip did and knew he had HIS TYPE OF PLAYER!!! The rest is history. By the way there is another Curry who attends the same high school (Charlotte Christian) that his brother attended. If I remember correctly, he will attend High Point in the fall!

Lastly, I am reminded as I watch the NCAA tournament how important preparation and coaching are for winning programs. It is NOT JUST ABOUT RECRUITING!!

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