Saturday, March 8, 2008

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Comment on Redmen.Com

I usually do not respond to angry posters, especially those on "sites" (hope I am using the word correctly) that do not allow outside people to post. But here is a response to a person on who questioned my grammar, etc.

First I want to apologize for any grammar that is incorrect. Trust me, when I re-read my stuff a day later, I see all types of mistakes lol. I honestly feel bad when folks get upset and question my blog comments based on the way something is written. Please forgive me for this now and in the future.

I say the future because this blog is done early in the morning before I start my normal everyday work assignments and activities. I unfortunately do not have an editor, or a 2nd pair of eyes to read what I have written. I type as I am thinking and attempt to do a quick spell check that would not pick up "site" as opposed to "sight." This might never change because this blog is a fun activity and not a work assignment. I do not expect to hear from the NY Daily News or the Newark Star Ledger concerning becoming a sports columnist or writer lol. It's just something I enjoy doing, and do more for me than anyone else. So if you see some mistakes, I am sorry and would be more than happy to correct them time permitting. But again this blog is really just Me posting information I feel safe to share with the many people who visit my BLOG site daily. I even hope to post more interesting insider stuff in the future but have to wait for the right timing. Any problems you can reach me at or call me at........ Just kidding. But the email address is real.
And if anyone wishes to see a sample of my real writing I will be happy and honored to share my works on Training, Diversity, Education, Marketing, Event Planning, and even my works presented to to government agencies and local politicians on issues ranging from working with the elderly and educationally disadvantaged. Please do not take me to serious concerning my blog. It's just a FUN THING!!!


Interesting scores from local college teams from yesterday. Columbia wins and now is 14 and 14. Great job this season by Jay Jones, the former Villanova Assistant. Today's game against Penn is a huge one for the Lions.

Towson over Hofstra. WOW!! Will we see Pat Kennedy back in the big time after resurrecting the Towson Program. Talking about a any means necessary coach!

Delaware over arch rival Drexel. Huge win for the Hens anytime they beat Drexel. This will impact recruiting as well. I think Monte Ross is really turning the corner at Delaware, a school at one time viewed as the best mid major job on the east coast.

Stony Brook over Maine. The State University of NY is really doing well with Stony Brook, Binghamton, and Albany. They could have easily become NJIT type teams. All do well attendance wise especially Binghamton and have become hard games for mid major opponents.

Saturday Interesting Games

Louisville vs Georgetown

DC will be rocking as Slick Rick comes to the nations capital to take on the Hoyas. I am sure there will be 15,000 plus fans in the building for this game. Is it me or does it seem JT the 3rd has it going on better than his Dad who did a great job? Georgetown wins this game

St. Joseph's vs Dayton

Spoke with Anthony Solmon, Dayton Assistant Coach at a rest stop on the Delaware turnpike (if it is called that) on my way to South Carolina a couple of weeks ago. Anthony was the HC at St. Bonaventure until this season. he said he was amazed at the fan support at Dayton and the love the fans have for their team. Rumor has it that Dayton Basketball tickets are usually part of divorce settlements.
Dayton wins this game

Marquette vs Syracuse

Great games featuring very good guards. The short bench at Syracuse could hurt them
but the fans will be out to support with loud voices. Syracuse will give all it has but Marquette has a strong team.
Marquette wins this game

North Carolina vs Duke

Great game and even greater atmosphere. Tickets must be going for $500 on tobacco road. Duke won the first game in Chapel Hill so the Tarheels really want this one. But can they withstand the tremendous 9000 fans and the Duke talent?
Duke wins this game

Tournament of Champions in NJ

Great time of the year for HS hoops in NJ. Looking forward to seeing the finals. However, I do wish they would change the TofC format. I would love to see 2 teams brought into the Tournament of Champions as at large teams after the group championships are decided. This way teams are not penalized for being in a stronger part of the state. This way a team such as St. Patrick's could still be seeded and participate. Ditto St. Anthony's on years they are eliminated despite really being a top 2 school in the state of NJ.

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Fordham_57 said...

Great minds focus on ideas. Small lminds focus on "typos."

The closed mentality of the St. John's board mirrors the mentality of their program. When St. John's admits to the realization that they have become a low level basketball program, they may lose some of their arrogance and start to rebuild.

Hard to below they could fall so low with the prestigious "New York"
moniker in front of their name, and the whole New York media world holding their breath, just dying to trumpet any tiny bit of success to the world.