Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tournament of Champions in NJ

Short But Not Sweet

Enough is enough. The way the State Tournament of Champions is done in NJ eliminates the better teams early in most cases. Not much can be done about the group tournaments and Private A and B. But to get the best school the T of C must be changed to include at least 2 at large teams who will be seeded based on regular season record. The game won by St. Anthony's last night is proof that the system is wrong.

Everyone knows a St. Anthony's vs St. Patrick's game would be a great game and a true indicator of who is best in NJ. With 2 additional at large teams the field would be 8 with no team getting a first round bye.

AAU season is fast approaching which means it is time for the "Real Recruiting Season" to start. Unfortunately this happens because the emphasis has moved from HS to AAU participation. In fact, all over the country some kids do not even play HS basketball. They just play AAU or travel team basketball and believe it or not still receive scholarships.

Looking forward to the many tournaments in NJ, Pa., and especially North Carolina. Should be a very interesting season!!!!


JerseyCanes said...

How can you add teams that haven't won a Championship to the "Tourney of Champions"?

If you pick your way - its subject to personal perferences (when wouldn't st. pats not be picked) and the would be not fair to most small schools who never get enough love. I don't think Science would been the popular pick if they didn't win their group but was just as good as most GRP IV Schools.

darrenmaloney said...

just let the schools that recruit have their own tournament. All those "great coaches" can battle it out on the court and during their home visits.