Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Short Thoughts

Watched the NJ Rivalry on TV during a minor blizzard here in NE Pa. Decent game with two teams attempting to change the course they have been going in the past few seasons. I might be the only person around besides Rurgersal who feels Rutgers could be in a post season tournament this year depending on the next few games and support they get at home games because that's what the NIT will look for as they did a few years ago. I also feel Seton Hall is right on the NCAA bubble and depending on how they close the season out will determine if they will be in the NCAA or a lessor post season event.

Some Other basketball thoughts

I cannot believe the annual games between SHU and RU do not attract at least 15,000 to the Prudential Center and 8500 to the RAC. Unbelievable and a piss poor job by who ever is marketing the games. Maybe they should sell the game in Newark to a outside company who would in return gain from TV revenue, attendance and special sponsorship packages. This should be the one game a year where the curtain comes down.

The excitement level was just not there. Maybe folks were just cooling out but where is that great spirit of college sports?

Game at Rutgers should be a good one with a better student presence. I also expect a sellout for that game and alot of excitement.

A little about other basketball Issues

FDU oh poor FDU. What are they doing? These clowns could hire Bob Knight and get the same results interest wise. What they should be doing is announcing the 4 candidates for the Marketing and PR position. In fact a car from Binghamton should be on its way since those folks have the formula to attract fans even with a bad situation and a team that is decent at best.

FDU names a few potential candidates for the coaching position and not 1 makes me excited. They might as well allow Greg Vetrone 2 years to put a plan in place. What FDU needs is more than a coach, they need a pied piper who will interest kids to play, and local Bergen County fans to attend games. Heck the current associate head coach is as good as those mentioned.

FDU needs to reach out to PAT SULLIVAN and pay him money with attendance and performance clauses attached. He would pack the place and do a great job!

FDU needs to consider Darryl Jacobs from Clark Atlanta. Guy is a great coach and teacher and LOVED by everyone who meets him. he could get it done!

FDU needs to consider Steve Masseillo the Louisville Assistant who has the connections and know how to win and draw fans to FDU.

Lastly they should have been smart enough to go after Derrick Wittenberg the ex Fordham coach who really had a few bad breaks. He would turn FDU around and make them respectable.

What is it with all the guys at HS games and showcase games with credentials around their necks like they are writing stories or evaluating players? 75% of these guys have not submitted anything or truly evaluated players in many years. But there they are gaining free admission and sitting court side. Great way to get into games free!


exandohjoe said...

Don't quit your day job Linc. You would make a lousy AD!!! Maybe the worst list of candidates for FDU that could be assembled. WOW. You lost some credibility on that post.

SPK145 said...

After seeing RU big man Hamady last night, I still say he has two chances to make the NBA: Slim and none and Slim is back home in Tennessee picking his nose.

LFBall said...

lolol I wish I had a good day job to quit. Honestly I am not interested but I know I would do a better job than the current AD at FDU based on common sense and understanding sports. Sorry I lost credibility but honestly the guys mentioned by FDU shows all of us they just do not care. They need a hungry guy who can coach, recruit, and sell seats in that barn of a gym that was nice at one time. But I hear you. I need to stick to my day job what ever it might be lol.

Hamedy will be in the NBA very soon and might even be the spokesperson for some sort of energy drink. It might take a few lessons with SPKs number 1 guy Jerry Walker who never coached but folks want as Associate HC at SHU. But one way or another he will get those NBA dollars/