Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Total BS!!!!!

What a shame!!! How bogus can one be!!! Are they kidding!!! The NJSIAA should be ashamed of itself!!! They really are going to take away St. Patrick's season and suspend them from the State Tournament?

Yes rules are rules but are they just a bit petty? Did St. Patrick's gain an unfair advantage by having open gym in front of college coaches? I doubt it! Did the open gyms help some kids gain exposure? YES! Was having Kevin Boyle in the gym really something that would lead to more wins this season? I doubt it!

I understand a rule is a rule and something that is not to be broken. But come on with this mess and waste of funding that is not needed. I would understand if the investigator found out kids had bogus addresses. I would understand if the kids were in the gym working on sets and different types of defenses with Boyle using his whistle and in charge.

I again say this type of open gym takes place all over the state. And forgive me if I am wrong but the St. Anthony spring/summer runs in the bingo hall/gym are legendary. Wonder if anyone has gone there with a video camera? And really they should not as they should not do it at St. Patrick's. Maybe the parents of St. Patrick's players need to sue the state for invasion of privacy for filming their kids secretly and without permission.

They really need to stop this right now. Heck I know many schools all over the country that do this. Funny thing is the runs are only to provide college coaches an opportunity to recruit kids. So helping these kids means the State of NJ will now punish the same kids?

Lastly, I feel if anything the State should ONLY suspend Coach Boyle for a game or two. At the most have him sit out the remainder of the season and be eligible to come back the 2nd round of the State tournament.

Again I say total BS!!!

College Basketball

Received a few emails about my Rutgers thoughts. I stand behind how I feel concerning a coaching change. In no way should Fred Hill Jr. be replaced if the replacement is not a home run candidate! Again I say no HS guys, No mid major guys, no high major assistants. If anything make him shake his staff up somewhat. But changing just to change is not a smart move,

I have watched Seton Hall play alot this season believe it or not. I really feel they are playing with a few players who are very rusty. Next season Keon Lawrence, Herb pope, and Jeff Robinson will be different players. I really forgot how hard it is to play in the Big east after sitting out an entire year. I do feel there are certain games SHU never should lose. They should never lose a home game to a NEC, MAC, MAAC, CIAA, MEAC, or A10 team in a typical season. And SHU should also play well at home always even if they lose to a highly ranked team. NJIT should never come to the Pru Center and lose by less than 20!

I again say St. Johns has talent. I also think Norm Roberts will return for another season at the least. And next season might just be that breakout season for them. Sometimes I think St. Johns should never had built those dorms. That stipend deal was great especially considering many of the players also received there regular financial aid to go with the Athletic scholarships. talk about a recruiting tool for inner city kids!

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