Friday, February 12, 2010

Basketball Thoughts from Thursday

Someone from Pocono Mountain West HS read this blog and was kind enough to send Video highlights of 6 ft 11 Jr. Kevin Anema. watch as he runs the floor and the skill level. The kid has great potential!! Watch him using the link below:


Big wins for some locals Thursday. No matter what day or what year and regardless of the win/loss record, beating Louisville and Notre Dame are huge wins and worthy of celebration. Just as people are down with a loss, why can they not be up and happy with a victory. personally I love seeing players and coaches enjoy the game as they compete. The best players on any level are the ones who enjoy playing!

Seton Hall beating Notre Dame is great because they beat America's team and one that will be in the post season somewhere. The Point Guard play was spectacular from what I saw. 20 assists between 3 guards. Heck I could have scored 8 points if I was on the SHU team with guards passing like that. Me, SPK, Dan, and Double 00 could have combined for at least 30 points lol.

What I am saying really is guard play is so important and when Eugene Harvey comes to play distributor and leader it becomes contagious.

Again despite the score this was a WIN and a huge win at that! Plus it is a win recruiting wise and kids notice when you beat a true national program.

St. Johns win was also huge despite only having 5000 plus in Madison Square garden. Honestly St. Johns players and the university deserve better support. This is really New York Cities Team. 5000 plus? Unacceptable especially for a game against Louisville.

As I have said and will continue to say, St. Johns has good talent and when they all are healthy watch out. People will hate me for saying this again but next season will be a very good one for St. Johns. Now all they need to do is get the marketing and promotions people together. 5000 plus.....unbelievable regardless of the St. Johns record.

Is it me or does Harangody have problems against tough athletic players such as the big fella at Rutgers and the SHU front line guys? I think he is a heck of a college player but could wind up like Brian "Big Country" Reeves who played at Oklahoma State. After all he already has the same haircut.

Hazell was very efficient in his game against Notre Dame. Wow!! Is the best yet to come?

Anyone who thinks Mike Brey, one of the great guys to play for or have your son play for, is going to be out at Notre Dame is dreaming. But if he is there are a number of teams that would swoop him up right away no questions asked. trust me!

Watched Virginia Tech win a game and was amazed at the skill level of the kids on the Virginia Tech team. Seth Greenburg really knows how to get it done. I would not be surprised if the Tech folks are working on a new contract right now in fear of him being wooed by more money, more money, and better facilities. But I am sure he knows the ACC will always belong to the Carolina teams.

Still feel St. Patrick's is being treated unfair. Looking forward to watching their game at Kean University Friday evening against Oak Hill. Might even show up but would need a body god based on the few folks who hate me lol. Just kidding.

Everyone have a great weekend and get out to a game or at the least watch and cheer on TV. Lastly I tried the spell check, hope it worked!


rich said...

LFBall, thanks for linking to Anema's highlights.

Pm West @ Pm East tonight...huge game that will decide which team gets the 1 seed in MVC p'offs...

LFBall said...

Went to the game. Very crowded in a gym larger than most D1 programs have and nicer. Pocono Mountain West won the game and seems to have a real program as does Pocono Mountain east.

However I have to say what a waste of a potential when it comes to Anema. Kid is 6 ft 11, can run and jump, has a nice touch, and more yet he rarely gets touches, and seems like the 5th option. Had a friend watch him who is a former D1 Assistant. My buddy says the kid could be an A10 player at least if your program developed him and got him some looks as he sprinted the court every play to not even get a touch. Honestly it is what would make a person not have his son attend a local school.

Funny thing is he and Hall on Pocono Mountain East, are the only guys who really have D1 potential. Even is he under achieves. Please work with this kid over the summer as well as your other players in an effort to find him as he rins the court and gets in position near the basket. Just my humble opinion.