Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ok I Will Bite lol

Folks were wondering about me so let me provide some information. Doubt if it will be impressive!

OK I will bite

I am a guy who loves HS and College Basketball. Maybe I am really just a wanna be but I try my best not to hurt folks or kick them when they are down. If I did I would say alot more about the vicious emails I get from many folks about stuff going on at various college, AAU and HS programs. Yes I get alot of dirt including everything from what certain players got paid to attend certain colleges, who is getting fired, comments about certain coaches off court exploits, and much much more. But honestly all I want to do is talk basketball my way which is why I do the blog.

Someone said I am a nobody in basketball. Honestly they are very correct and I am not mad at that. Honestly most of us Internet folks as well as most guys writing for recruiting publications and services are really no body. In fact all we really are doing is enjoying a hobby that some folks take much too serious. Maybe guys like Tom Konchalski, Clark Francis, and maybe Jay Gomes make money covering HS kids. But what really makes any of them experts since Jay is the only one who actually played ball and coached in college? Honestly the rest of us really talk on the Internet and even start blogs because we love talking hoops and creating conversation. A blog such as mine is really just an expanded message board post. Anyone can start one and anyone can find fault. It is OK. I have yet ti get an offer from the ledger and doubt If I will lol.

People wonder if I am an expert? I say HELL NO! But I would put my basketball knowledge against anyone writing on a basketball message board or doing a blog on the east coast. Just because a person makes calls or texts kids and reports what they said does not make them an expert. But again neither am I! In fact Freddy Hill and his Staff, Bobby Gonzalez and his Staff, Norm Roberts and his Staff, along with 99 percent of the other college coaches, both men and women, have forgotten more about COACHING than any of us will ever know. However I will say some of us might just have a better understanding of managing people and running organizations than folks coaching. Remember I said us and that means not just me.

It cracks me up how folks can hate someone for saying how he or she feels. The hate emails and hatred I occasionally feel when reading certain message boards is amazing. This is why I started my own BLOG. The names I have been called and the way folks will not say my name but put my past false information out there in code is unbelievable. Honestly the person who did that I would expect better from. But I am not really upset because he like me and most of us are only fans and really mean no harm. At least I hope he means no harm lol.

My background is one that had me very involved with basketball. I did coach and work with college players going all the way back to Rick Smits who was with me at Dyckman for three years along with a host of other D1 players. Still remember our game in the NYC Rucker Tournament where me and my team of 11 High D1 players including two 7 footers lost to the Lenox Avenue Allstars who did not have a player over 6 ft 6 or anyone playing D1 basketball. By the way we lost by 25 points lol. So I knew right than as I watched Buddy Maher, the than Columbia Coach and a friend who came with me laughing on the sidelines, I was not destined to be a D1 college coach. I did however coach Westchester Community College as the Head assistant for many years. I also found time to coach and work out many kids who went on to D1 schools including many who are now D1 assistant and head coaches. I also worked at various basketball camps including ABCD for a few years. But my strong point than and now is working with kids from shoulder up in an effort to get them to compete on the court. Sometimes I am successful, sometimes I have failed. But I have always done my best and NEVER made a dime working people out and teaching the game. I did earn $400 a year for coaching at Westchester Community lol. For my over 23 years working with the Dyckman Program in NYC earned me a few pairs of sneakers and a few warm-up suits along with wonderful friendships with Jim Couch, his sons, and many college coaches.

My info often comes from people I know and trust. Unfortunately I will not put some stuff on this blog because unless I see the video tape or know for sure, I will not start a rumor. But there are some real crazy stuff out there RIGHT NOW! And the info I have is from college coaches as well as very powerful AAU guys. Seems like alot of what folks are talking about is really being discussed.

So in conclusion please forgive me if I come off as a know it all. I realize I cannot please everyone. This year Rutgers fans hate me. Two years ago Seton Hall fans hated me. I have hate emails from a few St. Johns folks. I hear the SID and others at FDU hate what I write. The St. Peters Coaches as well as SHU coaches say they read this blog and often disagree. I have heard Norm Roberts has not been pleased with some of the stuff I have written according to Nate Blue. But at the end of the day, I am really only a fan with a hobby with a few connections who provide me some inside info here and there. I am really stunned so many people actually read what I am writing, but I thank them for reading.

Lastly, I am sorry about my spelling. I honestly thought I was doing better. I guess I need to check the spell check feature lolol. I will try to do better and I have no hard feelings towards anyone. We all are just basketball fans who as a hobby talk about games and programs. If they were all undefeated it would not be much to talk about and guys like Rutgersal would be the King. I also like Rutgersal alot.

That's it for now. Be careful in the snow and stay warm.


shelmaxi said...

Keep up the good work.Any news on the FDU coaching situation

Joseph J. said...

I love your blog. It never comes off nasty, at least not to me. Because of that tone, I find it both informative and a peaceful read, i.e., I don't expect to ever be jolted by a sudden spurt of hateful opinion. How you pull off not being nasty when spilling gossip, is a credit to you. Also, your blog smells 100% honest.

LFBall said...

Thanks to both of you. I really do not take myself serious and no one should confuse me with Dickie V or a writer getting paid from Sports Illustrated or the Newark Star Ledger.

This blog is really just a hobby for me based on my passion for the game. A game I have been around for over 40 years.During the time I have made some great connections and many keep me i the know although alot is now off the record since they feel more people are reading. I even have the word on what will happen locally with the hot seat coaches from very reliable coaches. I hate seeing anyone lose a job but at least 4-5 openings might just occur and I hate seeing any of these guys lose jobs. But read between the lines when I say certain things lol.

Thanks again and stay tuned!