Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts


Great win yesterday against a pretty talented team in my book. Seems to me St. Johns was playing better before Mason Jr. and Burell returned to action. What the heck is happening at SJU?

maybe it is not what is happening with SJU as much as what is happening at Rutgers. First of all the big fella is playing out of his mind!!!!! He is such a defensive force in the paint opposing players are triple pumping or shooting in fear when they go to the hoop. I am telling everyone again as I said 3 years ago, this guy is NBA bound in the near future. Might even turn out to be a better than anyone realizes. Not a bad choice in the 2nd round for a team looking for a back-up center who plays with energy and desire!

hats off to the RU coaching staff, who despite everyone feeling it is only a matter of time, has kept there team playing hard the past few games. Beating Notre dame and St. Johns, two programs with great past basketball history, is a huge step for everyone involved with RU basketball. Will the current play of the team be enough to keep the coaching staff in place for another year? Is it the excuse the AD needs to not pull the plug? Only time will tell but the AD must be impressed after the past two wins and the remainder of the schedule should be about effort, desire, organization as much is it should be about wins. Again great job by Rutgers!

Seton Hall loses to Villanova at Villanova? Wow anyone stunned? I for one am not! Villanova is the 2nd ranked team in America and on its home court very hard to beat. Maybe if Scottie Reynolds and my man Antonia Pena slipped as they came into the arena down those stairs heading to the court as they always do slapping five with fans SHU might have had an better chance. I do not understand why they even come in that way lol. Maybe not this year but one day someone might slip or fall.

In my mind the better team won! I love the way Antonio is playing. Showed he really worked on his game after disappearing the 2nd half of the season a year ago. He was easily best big guy in the game. Again I say Mr. Pope where are you? Mr. Pope can you bring Mr. Mitchell to the game when you come? Has anyone seen the other Seton Hall Players? Last night was more about heart than being in shape. This game was not about eating too much Cluck U Chicken which I always eat when attending an event at SHU.

Hazell is a very good player but I agree with Bobby Gonzalez regarding his shot selection. When will that improve? Mr. Hazell will be back at SHU next season because he is not NBA ready AT THIS TIME. I guess Bobby Gonzalez is sending a message as he continues to build SHU into a better program. But again I still feel SHU has very good talent and the results could have been different. But no shame in losing to the number 2 team in America on their home court.

I remember when the University of Delaware was one of the top mid major programs in America. They had a blue print many used to build programs. They and Siena both enjoyed sell out crowds and great fan support. Siena is still looked at as a top program. Delaware is far from that. I noticed last night they lost at home in front of 2000 plus fans which could mean 1500 if you do not count the season tick folks who did not attend. Many local D1 programs would love to average 2000 fans, But at Delaware under Mike Brey, and for a short time under David Henderson, they averaged close to 5000 fans a game and the arena was electric.

Not only are they losing, but the program has lost alot of the fan base and arena excitement it had. Remember this was one of the most in demand mid major jobs in America. I would imagine the U of D regrets the day they did not hire Seam Kearney when he was Associate HC and Mike Brey left for Notre Dame. Though he is struggling in his first year as a HC at Holy Cross, he was a natural fit at Delaware. Will this be the current Coach's final season? Think I will go to to see what they are saying.

Not too long ago I talked about two 6 ft 11 kids in the Poconos. Well i went to a game to see them go against each other. Was very disappointed on two fronts. One the big 6 ft 10 senior on east Stroudsburg North did not play due to an injury. 2nd the big Guy from Pocono Mountain West never ever demands the ball despite having pretty good skills. he runs like a deer. blocks shots, and more but seems just happy to be in America like alot of international players. However he was born her from what I understand. Lots of decent D2 and D3 guards on his team who rarely look inside despite the fact the kid, who is only a junior, can play. Yet he just continues to run and block shots. Just wish he would go up to those guards and say "Give me the &^%&^%$#$%^% BALL!

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