Monday, February 8, 2010

Quick Hits

OK This will be a few short hits with thoughts from me and only me.

It takes more than great coaches to win in the power conferences. Take that however you wish and I would bet most get it right.

Rutgers is playing MUCH better. Will it save FHJ? No need to replace him if it is not a home run! Honestly I think FHJ has learned alot from his experience this season. Might be in position to get it done now. Sometimes you have to hit the bottom to start heading up!

Hamedy is really becoming a real pro prospect! hate him if you wish, but he will be in the NBA and might be there for 12 years, This guy can run, jump, dunk, and block shots. Folks forget he was a top 80 type player in HS.

Seton Hall has not met many fans expectations. Not there fault as much as our fault for not considering how hard it is after sitting out an entire year. Than the new guys had to jell with returning players. Next Year?

Bobby Gonzales should return! No question about it! Seton Hall is better. We just expected too much this season. But they are improved.

Not much to say about St. Johns. That Rutgers loss was very harmful to the program. I think Norm will get another year based on being liked by the folks in charge and Louie. Team has pretty good talent and besides the Rutgers loss, they have won games they were supposed to win.

Patience is growing thin at Manhattan College. But the coach is another connected and well liked guy. But if he is let go, and an opening happens at any of the local Big East Teams, he will be in huge demand and might make even more money than he currently earns. Well that would at least happen at a ACC or Big 10 school.

Monmouth needs to take a good look at the basketball program. No way this should not be a super mid major program. They have everything going for themselves except a winning program.

Marist folks mist be flipping out about the basketball team. Still remember sold out games at Marist and them even playing a few times a year in the Garden. Wow!

Iona might just be back! Great atmosphere in that little 3000 seat gym.

Fordham could be a good job!. This would be a great position for the current Cornel coach. He would make great things happen!

NJIT has won some games this season!

FDU, FDU, FDU...........Sad situation and I am not talking about wins and loses! I am not talking about coaches or coaching! I am talking about university commitment!!!!

I again say no area Big East Team should consider a HS Coach as a potential head coach unless his name is BOB HURLEY SR,. And even he would need some great assistant coaches (Manhattan Head Guy?). All other see FDU, Monmouth, Delaware, etc. Not even Fordham could take any other HS guy!!

HS Stuff

Bogus situation concerning St. Patrick's. Please!!!!! Every good HS in NJ practices year round. I am a Hurley fan but what about those summer games in that bingo hall that were famous years ago? Everyone does this. In many cases it is done through the AAU circuit. But trust me they practice all over the state. And honestly I see nothing wrong with it. Great thing about St. Patrick's is I am not sure they even need to be in a State Federation. I like a league of Blair (Down this year), St. Benedict's, Hun, St. Patrick's, and a few others with select games against St. Anthony's, Patterson catholic, etc.

Teaneck HS opening could be a GREAT JOB. Greatly supported program that would continue in the right direction with the correct coach. Since Curtis march put his papers in I hear no less than 40 applications have come in. The feeder program in Teaneck, TYBP or something similar has a facility with two very nice gyms and that programs has sent kids to Teaneck and other HS programs. And when counting no fewer than 25 kids from they program has gone on to D1 in the past 15 years from various High Schools. Get the right coach and they become a NJ version of Mount Vernon (NY)! I hear some outstanding guys have applied including a certain guy who is known as a great program builder in the state of NJ. This guy made a certain public school program a power and sent many to the D1 ranks. I am hoping he is sincere and I hope they consider him. Do not want to hurt him by saying where he coaches now. Again this is a great job!

Whoever Teaneck does not select needs to drive down the road to Englewood to see if they need assistance. NO WAY THEY SHOULD BE SO BAD with the talent they have.

What is the deal with Hackensack. I have always been a huge fan of Scoter Whitting and when he got that job I was excited for him And Hackensack. The ex coach Darryl Harris always did a GREAT job despite him and I being like oil and water lol. But I have to give him credit. He had it going on a Hackensack. Hopefully Scooter will get it together. I know he is capable!

A guy in NE Pa. tells me the big 6 ft 11 Junior at Pocono Mountain west HS in no better than D2. Why do folks always put big guys down because they are not getting 30 a game? I again say any kid 6 Ft 11 who runs like a speed guard, blocks shots, can make a layup, shoot from 15 ft, and has some toughness, can play D1 basketball. And remember he is only a junior. Right now all he needs is a great summer travel team and exposure.


exandohjoe said...

No coach likes to not have access to his players during the off season. The rule has gotten better in that they can be together all summer, just not during the school year out of season.

The fact is that the rule is the rule. If you don't want to play by the rules then don't be a member of the hs association and DONT ACCEPT THE STATE CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHIES!!! Hurley, Boyle, and others should be held 100% accountable. That goes for getting tuiton paid for by college boosters, recruiting kids off of public school teams, and taking transfers from all over the place.

Just be honest about not playing by the rules and form your own league with different bylaws. There are many many coaches in the region who know the game and coach the game as well as any of these "basketball gods". They just play by the rules.

Give Boyle a team with ordinary talent and I guarantee you they will be an ordinary team at best.

Monmouth has enormous potential now with location and facility and they should make a renewed committment and look at a new league. Hurley should take this job. He CANNOT run a Big East program.

FDU should RUN from anyone who has been involved in that program over the last fifteen years. They should start fresh without sneaker company influence. Hire a classy and ethical staff. Someone like the guy at St. Peter's.

Rutgers and St Johns will NEVER get it done with their current staffs. SHU has a chance. One more year.

Pico said...

I do believe St. John's was supposed to win over Providence at home. And was not supposed to be beaten senseless by Rutgers, no matter how well they are playing. And better coaches will have this team closer to the middle of the league, instead of lounging in the 12-14 ranks in the standings...

Combined that with the fact that the current St. John's staff has little to sell to recruits for the 8 roster spots opening in 2011. St. John's needs verbals from a good 5 players by October, and preferably some by August to get a few fence sitters. We're not talking high-impact players, we're talking players who can suit up in the Big East. Who's going to sign up for a team that will always be at the bottom of the standings? MAAc players and NEC players with delusions of talent grandeur.

They need a new staff to get players.


rich said...

I see you mentioned PM West 6'11" big man Kevin Anema in your blog. This is a kid who scored 30 pts as a soph on JV last year and broke his ankle at the end of the school year killing his entire summer...and still the kid has made leaps and bounds in months! His potential is through the roof...check out his highlights on pm west's web site to see what LFball is talking about..