Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Thoughts

Sunday was a very interesting day for me as I realized I need to back up from some of the things I try to do to help folks. Those who know me can testify I have never assisted any person as a way to earn money or future favors. Basketball wise I do what I do because I have always loved the amateur game in the same way folks grow up loving music, art, math, and even religion, which to me is a great thing.

I will not go into details but please allow me to say that when a kid is good he is good. Only thing that stops a good kid from reaching his potential is coaching, teaching, desire, and most importantly strength. The difference between the BE level guards and NEC guards is more strength than talent. The same thing with big guys.

One great option will always be Prep School. Especially if you have skills and already a true predictor based on the NCAA clearing house. Some kids without good grades and SAT scores will go the prep route to get grades and SAT scores right. Those kids, the ones who have lower grades cannot complete HS because doing that will freeze the core requirements and once they are frozen you cannot change them even if you go to prep school for a year and get all A's. A big thing in past years was kids flunking gym on purpose so they would not officially graduate.

Those who have good grades can graduate at their HS and enroll in prep school to strictly gain more visibility, work on skills, play against better competition,gain maturity, and most of all GET STRONGER. These kids, who are already qualified for college, now have an opportunity to gain a 2nd HS diploma from a prestigious prep school while learning new things that could help them when they enter college and as they go through life.

So if anyone is thinking prep school they need to understand the true benefits and the actual schools that award scholarships etc.

High School Basketball

JFK NY Classic

Had an opportunity to attend the annual JKK NY HS basketball classic in the Riverdale section of the Bronx. Good games and a true warm-up for the public school playoffs that start very soon.

Saw Campus Magnet (Formerly Andrew Jackson)coached by the legendary Chuck Granby beat Carnarsie coached by DJ, yes he is a real radio DJ on WBLS FM in NYC, Tommy Allen. Carnarsie is young and not as good as they have been in past years. Interesting to watch Rolando Blackman's son playing for Carnarsie where Rolando's mentor Ted Gustus is a parent advocate and very involved with the athletic program. By the way Ted is a definite future NYC Hall of Fame Coach. Young Mr. Blackman, whose Dad is now an executive with the Dallas Mavericks after a long NBA career, will be off to Prep School after he gets his HS diploma.

Watched Cardoza coached by Ron Neclerio come back from an 18 point loss to JFK in the Rucker HS challenge on Saturday to beat Samuel Gompers from the Bronx. Honestly it was nice to see Gompers look like a true program with great uniforms and a coach who seemed to genuinely care about the kids and program. Odd sight I witnessed was a Cardoza player got hurt and the Gompers Coach (with a cap C) went out and helped the player for at least 10 minutes. That's something that Rock Eisenburg from Tilden would do. Cardoza was just too much for the Gompers team who did have players and I would not be surprised to see one of them wind up at a big school in a few years. For Cardoza, the talent is very good. They have two big guys who are definite D1 prospects. Both are 6 ft 8 juniors who run the court and have bounce in their legs. The guards at Cardoza are pretty good as well. They have at least 9-10 players who compete every minute. having Bobby Holford on the bench only helps the cause more because of his years of head coaching and assistant coaching experience on all levels. They have a 3rd guy who is a NYC policeman who also seems to be very good. Greta staff at a school that will be even better next season.

last game was JFK against Martin Van Buren. JFK has a great coach in Johnny Mathis. Johnny is sort of like a HS version of Al Skinner. Firm but not a screamer. He suited up 16 players and before I left at half time had played at least 13. Oddly every kid could play which is why they are rated the 2nd best public school in New York City. This guy has a program! He also has at least 5 kids 6 ft 8 and taller, many sporting Mohawk hair cuts. This team should get to The Garden fir the City championship. Did I mention that the entire team comes back next season? Did I mention that the talent is so good he has future D1 guards on JV? Did I mention he might just have 6-8 kids who could play some level of D1 basketball?

This was a very nice way to spend my afternoon as I watched Nate "Tiny" Archiblad, voted one of the 50 greatest NBA players of all time and the only guard to lead the NBA in scoring and assists the same season, spend time counseling kids on how they played, parents on how to be mire supportive (wish I had spoken to him when my son played lol), and just being available to anyone needing advice. But Tiny Archibald has ALWAYS GIVEN BACK TO THE COMMUNITY!

Bergen Jamboree

Well my son will see his first Teaneck game since he graduated from the school years ago. I plan on arriving around 6 to meet him and watch Teaneck, where he was a 4 year Varsity player and I an awful parent lol, play St. Joe's of Montvalle in the championship game. Hopefully Curtis march will win this game and give Teaneck a much deserved championship. Go Teaneck!

Rutgers's loses

What can I say? Next year? Ummmmmmmmmmm!

SHU Loses to St. Johns

Norm Roberts stock is going up it seems. SJU beats a good SHU team at Alumni Hall or Little Louie Arena. I continue to hear the place is very nice! Big win for St. Johns as they attempt to nab Lance Stephenson for next season. If this happens the Garden might just be alive again.

For Seton hall I still say the future is very bright. Maybe I am wrong but I think next year will be a true break through year for the Pirates.


redstormhoopsfan said...

Thanks for finally showing the Red Storm a little love. I was hoping for a little more from you as you gush about RU and SHU, but I guess I’ll take it as a positive that you even reported the win!

LFBall said...

Sorry I do not talk more about SJU. I have spoke about them in detail in the past. Check out my blog archives lol. At one time SJU was my team. I went to at least 10 SJU games a year going back to the Mel Davis era. I have watched Wayne McKoy, Reggie Carter, remember Bernard rencher transfering there, Billy Schaffer, all the way to Chris Mullin and Walter Berry. Heck Lou Carnesseca even tried to help me get a job at SJU. So I am indeed a fan and will try to write more about them. I do feel Norm is doing a good job and will be retained. What are your thoughts?