Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jarid Famous, and a little more

Jarid Famous must have made a good impression from what I read on the SHU board this morning. I guess his hands were not as bad as folks made them out to be a few months ago. Maybe he used crazy glue lol.

But honestly its not his college coach as much as other things that will influence where he attends college after Westchester CC, which happens to be one of my many stops on the college circuit. There are some factors in play that would make your head spend oops I meant spin. I hear he is getting fantastic offers from numerous schools. I also understand his dad is really enjoying the ride as he should. I just wonder if all the schools recruiting him feel they are in the drivers seat after talking to those involved in his recruiting. I have heard SHU is making every effort to get this kid. Stay tuned!

Not much more to write about today except the great HS game scheduled for Rutgers this evening featuring St. Benedict's against St. Patrick's. Should be an outstanding game with plenty of excitement.

Watched some of the RU vs Georgetown Men's basketball game on TV Tuesday. We all know who won and who lost. What I want to talk about is the odd way a few Rutgers players look on the court. What really happened to JR Inman? 0 points? Are you kidding me! JR has gone in a completely different direction it seems. How does a kid voted to the All BE Freshmen Team go from that to 12 minutes and 0 points?

How about Corey Chandler? How do you go from top 80 HS player and All BE Rookie player to 8 turnovers in 20 minutes? Why is he not playing better? Is he playing upset or scared? Is Mike Rosario really that much better than Chandler?

How about Ollie Bailey and Harmedy (sp)? Ollie had a great freshmen season earning all BE freshmen and Harmedy showed enough promise for NBA guys to start following him. What has happened?

What happened to these guys and Griffin, Farmer, and many others? Not saying whose fault it is that these kids who were All BE Freshmen, have not developed? Who is to blame beside the kids themselves? Is it the Coaches? Fans?, facilities? Strength and Conditioning? Just odd that all these kids have not gotten better. Again alot has to do with the kids and a hunger to improve. But at one time these kids were considered strong BE players. I still remember Row Williams raving about Chandler.

Maybe what needs to happen at RU is therapy. Honestly it has to be more than coaching and working hard. I have never seen so many kids get worst in college as they get older.

Well I will be going to the NJ State HS Basketball championship game tonight at Rutgers. I hope they will let me in lol. Should a good game and I am eager to see both teams play and compete hard.

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