Monday, February 16, 2009

Tid Bits

According to a few friends the Prime Time Shootout was anything but that excluding the St. Patrick's game. What happened to the great match-ups this event was known for? Maybe they are scheduled but with kids changing schools during the summer a few games become watered down. But getting 5000 to a HS tourney is quite an achievement.

Heard the Nike Super Six was very good. Cannot believe Fordham charges $10 to park. That alone might be enough to keep some fans away. $10 for parking and $10 for tickets makes this game a true expense for an adult and 2 kids. Nike with all its money and advertising benefits from this game should bring the prices down and buy out the lot. After all the sneakers only cost $2.00 to make and they sell them for $70 to $120.00. Come on make this event affordable in this bad economy!

I honestly think someone needs to do one of these super HS events in North Jersey at FDU. North Jersey folks love HS sports! Because FDU is only 10 miles from NYC, the place would be jammed if the event is advertised. Maybe we can get a celebrity sponsor to do it as a write off with the money going to a charity. I am 100% positive if this happens during December the place will packed.

Bergen Jamboree is going strong. Down to final 4 at FDU and the games will be great. Watch out for that Teaneck vs Don Bosco re-match on this larger court.
For those who still do not get it, this is a great event! The fans pack the facility and games often sell out.

Talent in Bergen County is very good. A number of players with division 1 potential are spread out among the area schools. And I am talking about in all classes. Talent in Passaic county is similar and maybe even better.

Nice to see David West who played at Teaneck from age 9 to 16 compete in the 2009 NBA All Star Game. Great kid but sure wish he would loosen up a bit lol. But I guess when you earn $65,000,000 you can be serious and focused all the time. Still remember David being coached by Herman Snyder in Biddy ball and smiling as he played. Did the same thing at Teaneck HS under Curtis March. Maybe David could do something for the program where he started as well as the HS where he played. Ummmmm!

Well it seems folks feel Jonathan Mitchell will be a very good player at Rutgers next season. Well he was the NYS Player of the Year in HS. Odd that Florida graduated top 7-8 players and he was not given an opportunity. Just hope he is what people expect because they will turn on you quickly.

On that note I think Rosario and Enchinique need to stay in the gym during the off season because expectations for them will be super high next season. Remember past All BE Freshmen on the RU Roster have had difficult times this season for various reasons.

I have not heard any rumors but my older bones are telling me that we will see some player movement in the area this summer. I have an idea who might look around but this is only based on my thoughts and observations.

Wonder if SHU will get a bid to a post season tournament? They have to really stay focused and play hard each of the remaining games and the BE Tournament.

What is happening with the RU AD search? Who are the candidates? Hope they interview NJ native Gene Marshall from Army.

I wonder just how much impact local college players not performing or under performing has on area recruiting? Did receive one interesting e-mail lol.

I really laugh every time I read that Jerid Famous folks are at a Seton Hall game. I laughed even harder when I read the son had a game at Westchester CC but the dad and Mom came to a game at SHU. Are you kidding me? They must really enjoy the atmosphere at the Pru. Either that or the Hotdog's and Beer must be among the best in America. I honestly feel they are just enjoying the experience of having a son who is wanted.

If Jarid Famous does not attend SHU it will be the biggest waste of time and effort since RU went after Lance Thomas. I mean the Dad is almost a member of Pirate Blue lol. He is always around. If he goes anywhere else I will be stunned although I will tell find it borderline comical. I have given my personal thoughts to a few folks as we watch this play out.

Wonder if folks honestly feel St. Johns, Rutgers, and SHU will be able to compete in the BE next season?

Why are there so many schools in D1 college basketball? I continue to wonder about this. NJIT had 400 fans at a game over the weekend. 1000 at LIU. No post season chances for many teams and yet the money continues to go into budgets.

What is the deal with Fordham? They have the St. Anthony's connection and many other talented players but are deep in a slump. I honestly think the coaching staff is good enough to get it done. Just one of those bad years thus far. Next year will be better.

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