Monday, March 2, 2009

I Am Back

Its been a while since I have put anything on this blog. Unfortunately I have had nothing to really say because area basketball has been a disappointment recently. Sure Seton Hall and St. Johns are doing some decent things but the Rutgers situation is so depressing to me. And again I am not smart enough to be a RU Alum so I am not a RU fan. But I am a fan of area basketball and a definite supporter of JR Inman, who if folks remember plays for Rutgers as the 9th man after being the leading scorer the past few seasons as a starter.

Lets start again by briefly talking about Rutgers. What a mess! What will happen to change it next season? Will it change? Well for this to happen Mike Rosario and Corey Chandler will have to be the true change agents. Unfortunately I am sorry to say the kids coming in and the present players are what you see is what you get type players. In other words just average. Greg Enchinique had one of the greatest games we have seen from a Rutgers freshmen against Providence. Maybe he could develop into a 12 point and 10 rebound guy next season. But the future is in the guards. And because if that, Corey Chandler needs to get to a true PG training facility because that is his future as long as Mike Hill-Rosario is on campus. Mike will be the starting 2 guard until he leaves Rutgers.

Sad again watching JR Inman playing and sitting this game. Such a nice kid who has just accepted his role of a 12 minute a game person. I guess Fred Hill showed him and all of us that believe in JR who is the real man!

I would like to spend a minute talking about Mike Rosario. After reading that great newspaper story on him I now know why he is and will always be successful. The kid has been in love with basketball most of his life. He looks at the game as a privilege to play and approaches each game thankful for the opportunity. I always say some kids have too much meat in the refrigerator and never are hungry enough to take their game to the next level. This kid understands this and is fighting his ass off to become better. I feel the same way about Corey Chandler and his approach. Once he gets his head right with the coaching staff and stop looking over his shoulder he will give Rutgers a serious 2nd BC option. Both could be special. Very Special. That is if Corey does not transfer to a MAAC or Patriot School........Just kidding! If he transfers it will be to the Big 10, ACC, or at the least A10. I know personally some coaches are eagerly watching this situation play out. A poster named NJ4Life can confirm the many schools who are drooling about this.

The new AD at Rutgers makes me think Men's basketball will be the 3rd team on the totem pole after Football, and Womens's Basketball. Guy seems like a football guy who will ask other's about basketball. Maybe he needs to speak with Stevie Wonder because even he can see the Men's basketball program needs more than band aids. Time will tell. Hopefully this new AD has some understanding about College Basketball.

Seton Hall still looks post season bound if you ask me. But again just think of where they could be next season. They might be so good even red sweaters will be visible at SHU home games and the opposing team will not be from NJ or NY.

Now I honestly feel this Jarid Famous kid everyone is now after will attend Seton Hall. Again I say if he does not, his folks have done the best con job in the history of college recruiting. Folks should send his folks a bill for the great treatment they have received. After all I am sure they would be able to handle it. Is he a program changer? Not sure but he can play and will be helpful to any program he signs with. I know Missouri is really going all out. UConn now wants him because they just love stockpiling good players for practice. St. Johns is a good option as well but I am not sure how hard they are going after him. Again I say go where you are loved and not where you are only wanted. Funny how I now hear HS stars saying the same exact thing.

To me the big thing for SHU to do in the off season is plan ways to increase season ticket holders to a point they can move the curtain up a notch to make the sell out number 12-13,000. This is possible, especially with the toughness, talent, and personalities of the players and coaches. If SHU starts getting 13,000 plus they will be in the mix for many top 30-50 players and a true household name on the summer circuit. It Can Be Done!

As I have mentioned in the past, St. Johns is improving and rapidly sneaking back into the picture as an area power regarding recruits. If Lance Stephenson signs with St. Johns, and I am sure SJU is all over this, SJU now improves its image and attracts great crowds at MSG. Also Alumni Hall again sells out every game on campus, NYC returns to the glory years, and the Garden again becomes the place to be for College basketball. Come on Lance make it happen! I know you read this blog on occasion and I am telling you that you belong on Broadway, well at least close to Broadway lol. Lance with the current SJU players and recruits would be dangerous!!

Lance we know Maryland wants you to follow in the footsteps of Albert King and be the next NYC superstar to attend school in College Park. Great place and I am sure they will treat you well. But there is nothing like home cooked meals, playing at the Garden, being able to eat a Nathan's hotdog when you wish, having your support network at games, having every NBA scout watch you perform, going to a school where you will be an impact guy from day 1, and lastly becoming a true home-town hero leading SJU back to the NCAA tournament. Watch out SHU, if Lance attends SJU the battle for area players and media coverage will be huge.

This brings me back to Rutgers. Where will they fit into this puzzle? The only State supported school of the 3, they should have a similar outlook. Hopefully Mike Rosario, Corey Chandler, Greg Enchique, and a recruited JC PG can help. But when you do a comparison, it looks like a hard hill to climb. The new AD has as much work to do as the coaching staff.

Hats off to my old town Teaneck. Coach March and his team made a grown man cry. Yes I cried when they won the Bergen County Jamboree. This was the first time My son has watched Teaneck since he played there years ago. He also felt great about the win.

Not sure if Coach March will retire, but if he does I HOPE THEY GIVE THE JOB TO YOUNG KELVIN REECE who did a great job coaching the team to the championship and is an outstanding young man! Great to see the men of Teaneck and Englewood out supporting the kids. Herman Snyder, Billy Gilbert, Jose Hernandez and his sons Christian and Giovanni, Jon Cano, Zach Husser, James Brown, Curtis Caveness, Kelvin's dad Mr. Reece, Coach Mac the ex Englewood Coach, and many others. These guys have done so much for area youth that it would take 10 pages to describe.

Until Next Time!!!!

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