Friday, February 20, 2009


Funniest comparison in a long time on the internet

A fan on the Rutgers board asks why the big fella has not progressed like Dante Cunningham has. An RU fan responded: "Why hasn't White Castle progressed like Peter Luger's?" If you have ever eaten at Peter Lugar's you will understand lol.


Watched a few games this past week and came away with various thoughts. Loved the way St Johns competed against Duke. Would have been great if they won. Would have been even better if they played game at Alumni Hall. Duke plays in a gym much smaller although they squeeze in 3000 additional fans. It is the main reason the students stand lol.

Folks seem to be still mixed on Norm Roberts. I honestly think he will be back and have thought it all along. Way before the AD mentioned it. When they get in a few more recruits including Lance Stephenson they will be a different team. Anthony mason coming back will also help significantly. Just hope he does not have a JR Inma type of senior year.

Speaking of JR Inman I really feel for him as I would for any kid that goes from a important role on a team to playing 3 minutes. If anyone thinks this is a good look from the RU Coaching staff they are so wrong. It is one thing to sit him out the entire game after providing him 12 minutes to show he is ready. But to play 3 minutes and not return? He must be feeling terrible going from starter and leading scorer to Always PLAYING SCARED.

I wonder if Inman, Farmer, and Griffin could do it over would they attend RU based on treatment from coaching staff and fan reaction to how they have played. Wonder if Corey Chandler would have picked RU as well?

Talk of Rosario and Enchinique transferring from Rutgers after the season is total Bull. Not happening! Why would two kids who are looked upon as saviors and allowed to play without looking over their shoulders want to leave. Heck if anyone is pleased at RU it is those two. And by the way both seem like great kids who love their teammates and want to win.

Bergen Jamboree is at FDU this Saturday. If folks have never been they should try to attend. Although the talent is not that of St. Patrick's, Patterson Catholic, St. Benedict's etc., the games are great and environment even better.

I am a bit confused with the separate admissions for each game. The PSAL in NYC use to do similar stunts until people screamed about it. $6 per game and you have to leave and game back in for the 2nd game. Why not just charge $10 bucks for adults and allow folks to see both games.

By the way this event has been considered the best county tournament in NJ by many. Watch out for the Bosco vs Teaneck game. Both teams have very good players including my guy Javae Gilchrist who now has Central Florida, Temple, FDU, Hofstra, and others watching him. Honestly he would be a huge STEAL for any of the schools mentioned. Because he has good grades, he might just surface in prep school for a year to gain more viability. Watch him play and you will see one of the most un-selfish true 6 ft 2 and growing point guards you have ever seen. He makes everyone around him better. Also watch out for Don Bosco sophomore Vaughn Gray who has big-time written all over him. Smooth and effective is his game and he is a true baller from Patterson NJ.

Looks like with some serious focus Seton Hall might make a post season tournament. They really seem to like the style they play. John Garcia remains impressive despite playing somewhat injured. But again I say Eugene Harvey needs to return to the way he played as a freshmen. He is playing good but at this point I expected him to be great! Maybe I just had too high expectations. But I do feel he will get it together and eventually become what I and many others think he is capable of becoming.

Looking forward to watching Cardoza HS play on Sunday at JFK HS in the Riverdale section of the Bronx. Some folks say Cardoza, coached by NYC legend Ron Neclerio, could be the best public school team in NYC next season with two 6 ft 8 kids returning plus two very good perimeter players. In fact I have heard they might just have 4 D1 players returning.

I have been asked to write a few blogs for the GAME OVER Web Site. Please check my stuff out when I start posting and submitting actual interviews. I will get back to everyone with more details soon. Stay tuned because if nothing else the information will be controversial!

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