Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not a Real Knock on Fred Hill Jr.

This post is just to clarify that my post from yesterday was not putting all the blame for RU players under performing on Fred Hill Jr. Trust me these kids and other factors have alot to do with whats happening at Rutgers. Does FHJ have to take some responsibility in regards to his players developing? Yes! But is it all on him? NO!

I honestly feel all the players mentioned might have experienced success too quickly. They might have rested on their Laural's as oppossed to continue to work on their games. I also think the kids are not as tough as they should have been. After all games are not won on talent alone. It takes mental and physical toughness as well. Rutgers has nice kids, which is good off the court. But on the court you need

Also the facilities and the strength and conditioning program at Rutgers need to be again examined. Who is in charge? The basketball program at Rutgers needs a separate practice facility if they wish to really compete. They also need a dedicated to basketball only strength and conditioning staff, not just 1 person. Not sure if they have this already but if they do not, its a problem.

So when I look at those kids not developing it is much more than Fred Hill. It is a committment from the Rutgers President on down. And until they make a serious committment to the Men's basketball program at Rutgers, it will always be an uphill battle even if you have Pitino as HC and Calipari as Associate HC. Fred Hill Jr. needs the tools to be successful in addition to talent.

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