Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Response and Thoughts

One of the unique things about basketball fans is we read and understand only what we want to read and understand. We want it our way and nothing else matters! If we feel a kid is good even if John Wooden said otherwise it would not matter. A person could praise your team and its future and you would pick out the one area that you feel is wrong and run with it.

Such is the case with my blog post from yesterday. Some Seton Hall Fans have been all over me regarding my thoughts on Farmer being as good and effective as Harvey. It was 1 sentence while a whole lot more was written on SHU basketball future and way they competed, etc. Yet these few folks went on and on about how Farmer is not in the same category as Harvey. Please!!!! Both are solid and far from great PGs. Harvey as a freshmen looked like he had tons of potential and even looked far better than Farmer. But since than the talent of Harvey has never made me think he was dominating farmer in any game they played. And this was true on Sunday. Harvey is solid and even has another year to really shine. But he too is nowhere near where I expected him to be after his somewhat spectacular freshmen year. And if SHU fans are truthful and knowledgeable as I always give them credit for, they will understand my statement.

Now Hazell is a different story! He has blossomed into a genuine NBA prospect. I also think Garcia, even at 60%, looks very good and makes a huge difference. SHU is going in the right direction and the future looks bright. But for them to be a great team next year Harvey must go back to his pass first mentality that he exhibited his first year.

Jay Williams

Yes I think he has potential! I honestly think he is refreshing compared to others. I know you folks love Raf and Bob W, two guys who are some of your friends, etc. But guess what? When Bob W started out he was terrible and always had names wrong and gave out in-correct information. It was almost comical. For Jay to be as good as he is now is a good thing. So yes he has great potential. And if anyone bit me on my butt, they better be ready for a good butt whipping lol.


Now I could just talk to some kids and get them to tell me schools they like. That's easy. What I try to do is give you information and even hints that will peak your curiosity. Things that make you go ummmmm lol.

So there are alot of young players in NJ looking at the various BE Programs. But guess what? many are not as interested in some teams like many think. In fact 1 player in particular has already said he will not go to a particular school. Others have said they are getting away. And other folks including some urban HS an AAU guys are now on the fench regarding certain things at certain programs. Trust me on this!

Star Player Watch

What's a hard situation for a College Basketball Coach when recruiting players? A family that cannot be purchased with gifts, jobs, or insincere kindness. That's the case with a few local HS stud. These kids have Dads who played D1 basketball. These Dads have great jobs and/or companies and huge and nice homes. So getting these kids require real recruiting and not false promises because these kids have Dad's who have been through the recruiting and lies, and cheating in many cases. Just wanted folks to know and understand lol.

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