Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Todays Thoughts and Tidbits

What is happening at St. Raymond's HS in the Bronx. Oliver Antiqua has a long and noble history at the Bronx School that Gary DeCaeser turned into a national power house despite being disliked by many AAU and Rec type coaches. It was done Gary's way or the highway.

When he left for the college ranks, the program was turned over to Oliver, Brother of former star and current Pitt Assistant Orlando. Oliver at one time was a Pitt manager and a wonderful young man who was a true pleasure to talk to. St. Raymond was wonderful to the entire Antiqua family during tough times including a fire that left them without a home for a short period. They even stayed for a brief time at the school. So Oliver and his family have a great history with St. Raymond's and it was a natural fit for him to get the St. Raymond's job when Gary D left.

Since he received the job he has somewhat changed from the personable young man to a more arrogant version of his former self. Maybe it comes from the pressure? maybe it is all the people seeking his assistance. But one thing for sure he needs a wake-up call.

Maybe this last incident will do just that. Having a player throw a punch at a Coach is very serious. Curious to see how it plays out. The player in question is known to be a great kid. But great or not he was wrong if he indeed threw a punch at Antiqua. This entire incident should make Oliver do a true self assessment.

lastly. I wonder what Gary DeCaeser is thinking? I have heard some strange rumors about his thoughts on St. rays and Oliver. But at this time they are just rumors.

Kids going early to the NBA draft????

Are these kids crazy or on drugs? Who are the advisors? Where are the parents? Many would be better off jusrt declaring early for a job with the sanitation department or as a messenger. Does Kojo actually think he will be drafted? Will he ever really play a game in the NBA? He has always felt he was better than he actually is going all the way back to Bishop Loughlin HS in Brooklyn. He felt he was a BE player but received no BE offers. The agent in question needs to be ashamed of himself for giving these kids false hope.

Michael Beasly, Kevin Love, OJ Mayo, and others like them will make millions even if they flop as players, so declaring will benefit them. But some of the others? Wow!!!! When I walk the streets of NYC and parts of NJ and Philly I see so many ex players who did not take advantage of educational opportunities. Kids from huge programs working as Messengers, Security Guards, clerks, and even drug dealers. Now we can say other than the drug dealing that at least they are working. But if they had gotten a college degree, life might have been a bit easier.

It is too many kings of the park who at one time had dreams broken because they received false advice. Maybe the NBA needs to start a committee to review and accept applicants into the early draft. They could have the power to say a kid is not qualified because they really are not good enough. That could save lives and careers.

Kids running from a particular school

Funny how all those kids are leaving DU in Pittsburgh. If you ask me the entire program is really the old UNLV type kids at a northern school. Still remember a 5 star incident from many years ago when a certain counselor went around and collected money from campers for food, soda's, sweets in town. After collecting money he just disappeared. It's a funny but sad tale of who our future leaders in coaching were as young guys lol. But this coach seemed to have turned it around. Heck, I remember this type of stuff being done by alot of guys ranging from AAU coaches to Talent Scouts and evaluators.

News On Ebanks

NOTHING!!!!! But I still think Memphis and WVA will be hard to beat in more ways than 1.

News On SHU

I honestly think Mitchell is having a hard time deciding which school to attend. Marshall could win the battle because he knows he could excel there from day 1. But personally I feel SHU would be a great fit just as I feel RU would be a great fit for Ebanks.

Someone said I was getting Money from Fred Hill Jr.

Now thats funny!! I am sure even FHJ is laughing at that one. RU and SHU do not do stuff like that. Besides, the only thing FHJ wants to give me is a punch with an assist from Jim Carr LOL.

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