Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Thoughts...Tobias, Jackson, Costner....

Brandon Costner leaving NC State? If he decides to attend SHU they should welcome him with open arms. Even if it is one year. Kid is a class person who does have game. Though I have questioned his intensity since he was in HS, I still would take him because he will make many around him better. This is a true no brainer!

So everyone like Tobias Harris? Great seeing little Tobias progress so much. Let me explain. His Dad Terrell is a very good friend of mine and I have watched his son since he was a little kid coming around our Dyckman practices with his Dad years ago. That is the reason they like Rutgers so much. It is another Craig Carter connection. Trust me when I tell you this kid has been preparing for this all his life. His dad was an outstanding college player in his own right. The good thing is he will go to THE RIGHT SCHOOL because his dad understands what is important and what is not. besides, Terrell, who is his dad, cannot be purchased, bribed, or given a job because he already is extremely successful with a great clothing line, a deal with the NBA as an outfitter, and much more. Heck, I remember getting my free warm-up suits from him every year LOL. Again, watch for this kid to choose the absolutely best school for himself academically and athletically. He also is a great kid!

I am still scratching my head over folks questioning the Jackson commitment to SHU. As I mentioned in another blog post, this kid can play. Plus he is a bit older than the average rising college sophomore. When you get a kid who has been just playing ball in and around NYC after being the PSAL Player of the year, you know he is improved and better than ever. Let me give you a great example. Peter Vecsey, the OUTSTANDING Writer for the NY Post attended Molloy HS in Queens many years ago. he was never skilled enough to make the team but he loved hoops. Years go by and he continues to play at places such as the 92nd St. YMCA in Manhattan. He gets better and better to the point that at the last Maurice Stokes All star Game in the Catskills, he played in the legends or Pro portion of the event with MANY NBA guys. Guess who should have been MVP? That's right Peter Vecsey! He was that good and the only reason they did not give it to him is because it would have looked bad that this famous writer beat out NBA guys for MVP. Well jackson also has played and played, and played in and around NYC. Though he was Player of the Year in the PSAL his senior year, he is way better now. So forget the bogus ranking system and just watch this guy shoot the rock (ball) at The Rock.

Honestly Theodore, Jackson,Harvey, Gause and Hazell will be a great and tough nucleus of guards. I would put them against anyone anytime. This RU vs SHU rivalry is going to be a great one very soon. SHU just needs the big guys to step it up through hard work and dedication.

The Barn Summer League? PLEASE STOP IT!!!! I will be stunned if JR or Farmer played in that league this summer. I would bet JR wishes to play in the NYC Pro Am against NBA and European players and Farmer wants the same or the Sonny Hill league in Philly. If they are playing in that intramural tournament at the RU Barn I will be stunned.

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