Thursday, May 15, 2008

Just A Short Note

So the AAU season is now in full swing. It is a hard time for many HS Coaches because they tend to lose power over players to AAU/Rec Coaches. Especially National type AAU Coaches. Often HS coaches attempt to dictate what summer program his or her players should play for. This on many occasions causes problems with very involved families and controlling HS Coaches who really want to maintain control.

Thus is the case of Kevin Parrom, of St. Raymond's HS. According to Kevin's Dad, a confrontation took place where Coach Antiqua grabbed Kevin and continually shook him to get him to do what he wanted him to do. It seems Antiqua wants Kevin Parrom to play summer ball with the Long Island Lightning (I think Dana Dingle ex St. Rays and UMass star has one of the teams)and Kevin refused because he wants to play with the Long Island or NY Panthers and national grassroots basketball fixture Gary Charles.

So the confrontation was over who Kevin would play summer ball with. Wow? It seems now Kevin will not be back at St. Raymond's after this incident according to his dad.

By the way, I must point out I received all of this from a legendary rec/playground coach in NYC who was on top of this right away since Kevin works out with him at various college gyms around NYC.

Still waiting to see what Ebanks does. No news is good news to Rutgers at this time. But my gut says he will announce prior to the date he indicated he would choose.

Am I missing something when I read that USC will lose its Star Recruit. Are they talking about Little Romeo from Beverly Hills HS? Of course not!! They are talking about his best buddy who plays with him in the summer. I guess Master P has never given the kid anything such as money, sneakers, gear. etc.

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