Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just My Thoughts

Ok gang. Lots happening in past few days. But honestly I am not surprised.

Brandon Costner might leave NC State? If he does he would be a huge pick-up for either Seton Hall or Rutgers. Though I am still not impressed with him as an athlete, he does know how to score and create opportunities for his teammates. Just needs to be a bit more hungry and a bit less middle class on the court. If he is available he could be as important a recruit as Ebanks based on a teams needs.

Greg Encheque (sp) will be available to play this season at Rutgers? That gives Rutgers a few big bodies to better compete this upcoming season. I still wonder if he is making the correct decision by playing this season as opposed to sitting out the year and becoming stronger. Sorry to say I think he is good but not as great as a few folks are making him out to be. I hope he shuts me up as his HS teammate did this year by going out and dominating everyone before heading to Louisville.

Rutgers is doing a great job getting players and an even better job of publicizing the players they are getting. Other kids are reading and will want to follow. FHJ has always been great with the press and has some great contacts.

So folks are not impressed with Jackson going to Seton Hall? LOLOLOLOLOLOL, yes it is funny because this kid always had game. If folks think he will back down to any guard and not be a real force offensively, they are mistaken. Forget the rankings! Forget the fact he is not a household name? Trust me, he has played the best in Brooklyn and did his thing!! I would not care if he was rated the 790th shooting guard in America. Kid can play! Might not be Curry from Davidson, or maybe he will? UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

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