Monday, May 19, 2008

The Smoke Has Cleared!!!

The smoke has cleared on a number of things related to area College and HS basketball. We now know who is going where, and what HS players are being recruited by good ole university. What next?

Well it seems what's next is alot of crying and over evaluating stuff that at this point of the year is almost meaningless.

Why be upset with Ebanks for choosing a place that makes him feel comfortable and wanted? I always say go where you are loved so maybe that's how he felt. He felt more love from West Virginia than anywhere else. But I must add the way we define love is not always true to the meaning of the word if you know what I mean. I am not upset, but I am confused that a kid with NYC roots, family in NYC, a player use to big lights, and an urban kid, would choose a place like West Virginia over Memphis, Rutgers, and others. Again it must be the "LOVE" he received lol.

Lets look at the Gonzo stuff still going on. Why are folks so angry with him. So he makes a grand entrance. What is he supposed to do? Sneak to the bench through the back ally? What's the big deal with him challenging refs? I am sure no one will mind once he wins more. It will be part of the attraction in future years. And FYI PJ was one of the ALL_TIME CRY BABIES!!! He bitched and cried all the time and his early record was bad enough that he would have been fired if it was up to folks who think like a few current SHU fans.

I do agree with the performance indicators set forth by many on the SHU Board, which is a great board. But please with the over evaluating your coach because it would be just fine if he had gotten to the sweet 16. In fact he would have speaking engagements for $25,000 a pop at many of your companies.

Rutgers lost Ebanks but gained a very good and even underrated HS All American in Mike Rosario. The others are very good as well but folks will have to be a bit patient, In fact, I would doubt any of them with the exception of Rosario, including Enchique, will start next season. I see a 3 guard line-up with Farmer,Chandler, Rosario, along with Inman, and the big Fella. But the following year will be a dozy and a real break through year if the coaching is what it needs to be.

People can say what they want. But too many HS and AAU guys suffer with EGO Disease. It stops being about service and helping kids and becomes just a function for their own gains and personal satisfaction. It's about control and controlling kids as opposed to assisting them. In some cases there are kids who need extra guidance and support because of the lack of parental support and presence. But there are alot of families involved and knowledgeable about the recruitment process, playing the game, and life decision making. Some Coaches think all parents are dumb and have little to offer. This is where problems begin. Still remember one very controlling HS coach telling two parents that he needs to educate them on the college experience so that would know about applications, etc. He also told the parents that he would handle everything for them. Funny thing is the Mom was a College President, and the Dad was the Head Doctor and Dean at a Medical School. EGO!!! Just assuming these were parents who knew nothing!

AAU guys are similar. many think they will get to become college coaches via having great players. Some will because some coaches including a few we all know, will not hesitate to hire an AAU guy if he is bringing great players with him. Heck, I have seen Dad's hired. I even see where St. Johns will hire an ex HS guy in hope of using it as leverage to keep it's star player. But most of the AAU guys fall for the game that college coaches really like them. They fail to realize it is about your player and rarely about you. I know this first hand. I can name at least 5 big-time coaches who at one time I THOUGHT WERE MY FRIENDS LOL. In fact, one from the ACC would not even write me back when I requested information and assistance at least 5 times. He use to call me all the time. Needless to say he is now having a rocky time. But watching him from a distance I have seen him do a 360 change from the way he was in the early years.

Ron Neclerio

When will it stop? I like Ron alot. This guy eats and sleeps basketball. I think he would be an excellent assistant on the college level. He would be great on the D1 level. But to jump straight to the Big east from HS? Yes others have done it but he has this one person crusade to get a job at St. Johns University. No doubt he would get the ears of recruits because he is likable. He would also help with player development and coaching. But he needs to back up and let it happen. No need to go around and bash the head coach of the university you attended because he did not hire you. Ron will get to where he wants to be when he does a self evaluation of himself from inside and out. Again, it would really please me to see him get to the D1 level. But it will be hard for him as long as he remains angry at St. Johns.

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